A Sneak Peek into Jared & Natalie’s Destin, FL wedding…

For the last three days we have been in Destin, FL enjoying the sun AND shooting the wedding of the oh-so-sweet couple, Jared & Natalie! We cannot WAIT to show you all of the images and tell you more about the day. In the meantime, to get a little sneak peek into their wedding (as well as to to be notified once their wedding images are released), click on the image below to visit their mini-website we created for... Read More

Day2: Phoenix IN-CAMERA: Light Photography Workshop Recap!

We weren’t sure if IN-CAMERA: Light could top the first day, but we have to say, it was pretty great :) We loved meeting the new people who weren’t with us the first day and once again, had a blast! Once again, a huge thanks to Stacy & Joe Kokes for hosting us!!!!! We started off the morning with class time… Then after lunch, headed off to get our studio strobe lighting on! Once again, had gorgeous weather! We hear it’s really rare for Phoenix to have clouds and thanks to the storms the day before, we had white, puffy, awesome clouds!! We start off with us demonstrating how we do our lighting… All of the images you’ll see have no Photoshop done to them. The look that you see is achieved IN-CAMERA. Same set up but using the neutral density filter… fun stuff! And then we split off into 3 groups so everyone gets a chance to actually do their own lighting set up! Here is me (Jody) with one of the groups. (Thanks Stacy for the images!). Mike getting his metering on! :) (you can see in the above shot what the natural light looked like when we shot the below images of Stacy!… Oooh the power of one strobe!) A little behind-the-scenes fun :) Joe, below, in the same lighting setup using a different lighting ratio. Thanks Joe for rockin it out for us! More fab images! Here we have our fab assistant for the day, Wendy Roe being our human lightstand! :) Thanks for your help!!!!!! Attendee Matt, getting his shoot on! Near the end... Read More

Day 1: Phoenix IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Photography Workshop Recap!

We just got back from our IN-CAMERA Phoenix workshop tour yesterday, and what a GREAT time we had! Here is a recap of the first tour day – the sold-out class of Shooting & Post which is our 5 hour workflow workshop. A HUGE thanks to hosts Stacy & Joe for not only working out all the details so we could actually bring our tour to Phoenix but for opening their home so we could have the tour at their place!! Each workshop day always begins with class time – teaching the concepts that we will later be putting into practice during the shoot time. (Thanks to Stacy and Joe for taking some of these photos for us!)   Time for a little hands-on practicing with exposure and color using the Expo Disc! After a lunch break, it’s time for the shooting portion!! We initially started as one big group right outside Joe & Stacy’s home because we actually had some sun (it had hailed only 2 hours before and rain was in the forecast for later!) and we wanted to take advantage of the light while we had it! So we got the adorable Joe & Stacy to pop in :) After lunch and at the ASU campus, we split up into two groups and tackled the tips and techniques for getting phenomenal images right IN-CAMERA. By this time we still had sun and we were able to shoot in a variety of natural light situations!! Love it! Thank God! These photos were all shot like this same color, exposure, lighting and contrast IN-CAMERA! So awesome :) Giving... Read More

Lightroom 4

To buy, or not to buy! Today for Tuesday Tips and Tricks we are taking a quick look into Lightroom 4 and a few really cool features that we are excited about! Instead of typing out a super long and wordy post, we decided to make a video for you all! Mainly because we think you all are worthy of a video and KNOW that you love seeing our little tiny faces! ;)   So, enjoy the video and then decide for yourself if the upgrade is worth it for you! If you are currently in Lightroom version 4, then the upgrade price has dropped down to only $79 which is really nice. You can check out Lightroom 4 HERE and grab it the download! If you are still using Photoshop to edit, then stop as fast as you can and start using Lightroom!! :) See you all next week!! [iframe: src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/38543726?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”800″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen... Read More

We’re in Phoenix!! … a re-cap so far!

We arrived yesterday in Phoenix and we are so pumped to be here! This is the first stop of our workshop tour and it couldn’t have started off any better! After arriving in town )to beautiful weather!) we had dinner with amazing couple Stacey and Joe from Stacy Kokes Photography. Stacy and Joe are also acting as hosts for our Phoenix IN-CAMERA tour stop and have been SO amazing! Last night, Zach and I spoke at the Phoenix PUG and what a great turn out! A HUGE thanks to Scott Foust of Image Industry for hosting us and the group at his studio space and to Melissa Jill and Sara Nevels for organizing and helping with the event. Thanks to Scott and his iphone for the below image :) Thanks to Stacy and her iphone for the below image :) It was nice meeting so many of you and we look forward to hanging out more with some of you starting this weekend for the workshops! For those wondering, our first workshop day on Sunday – Shooting & Post – is completely sold out! There are two seats left for Light on Monday. Learn how to rock off-camera Lighting on-location and get those awesome and dramatic blue skies!! Find out more information and secure your seat HERE.  ... Read More

Sunny & Neeva = Most Unique Wedding of 2011!!

So we are sooooooooo excited to finally be sharing the absolutely gorgeous wedding of the super cool Sunny and Neeva! We actually shot this wedding back in October, but due to our crazy schedule were not able to share it. But, here it is on the blog this week!! Sunny and Neeva were married in DC and had one of the coolest weddings we have yet to shoot! This was an Indian wedding that had lots of amazing tradition and lots of bling! Check out the story below as we can not wait for you all to see it!   Congrats again you two and we can’t wait to make it out to see the Pentagon with you guys sometime very soon!! Yes, that is a bad to the bone sword that Sunny used to cut the cake! It was awesome! Neeva’s dress was sick and weighed more than our camera gear! It was gorgeous and super detailed. The Henna took nearly 4 hours to complete and was really beautiful. Neeva was also rockin some awesome Christian Louboutin shoes that were smokin!   They were married outside and the ceremony site was decked out to the max and was really intricate. Yes, the groom rode in on a white stallion and it was amazing! So full of joy and happiness! They left the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage with everyone celebrating with them! The wedding reception details were also out of this world beautiful and it was a joy shooting images of everything! We stole the bride and groom just before they came in to be announced since... Read More

Come Meet us! Open & Free Speaking Events You Can Attend!

We are about to hit the road and start our 2012 IN-CAMERA workshop tour and are stoked! Not only are we coming to 8 cities but we are also doing 5 FREE & Open events in some of the cities we are visiting that YOU can come and attend!   At these events we are going to be sharing our 3 Steps To Cost Free Marketing. Each of these talks will be held at local photography groups in the below listed cites and are open to anyone and everyone! First up, is Phoenix THIS coming Thursday the 15th! Where: Image Industry Photography & Design Studio – 7034 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 When: March 15th from 6:30 – 9:30pm RSVP: PUG Facebook Event Page     Want to see what other cities we will be in with all the details? Click HERE to go straight to our workshops page and click on Free Evening Event to see all the info! Be sure to sign RSVP to make sure that you can get a spot!!   Other Free & Open events: Seattle, WA on 4/19 Atlanta, GA on 5/03 Destin, FL on 5/17 Vancouver, BC on 5/31 New York, New York on 6/14   We can’t wait to see you there!!... Read More

Returning to creativeLIVE | Post-Wedding Workflow

In January, tens of thousands of you tuned in to creativeLIVE to watch us as we took you through a wedding day… well guess what? We’re coming back!! Enroll for FREE to watch us LIVE! View the video to see what we’ll be covering about this time!   Save the date, April 20th!! We can’t wait to see you all again!!!!! Click below to enroll in the course!  ... Read More

Friday Fun | Date Night at ChuckECheese!

It is our goal to have date night once a week. That doesn’t always happen. Zach and I started this year off hitting the ground running and with all of our travels, shoots, and speaking engagements so needless to say, sadly, date night has gotten overshadowed a bit. NO MORE! We are committing to do a better job making time for each other where we are intentional about having fun together and investing in each other (sitting on the couch watching movies does not count ;o). Whiiiiiich, leads us to last night. I was out and about in the afternoon having some girl time with friends and I decided that I was going to come home and get my husband and take him out on a fun date night. For those of you who follow us on instagram (@ZachGray, @JodyGray), you know where we went!! Oh yes, we got our kid on and played Skee-Ball until we were seeing blurry visions of tickets, balls and tokens… and played a few other games. Take a look into our date night fun :) Here is my little jumping Jelly Bean…. [iframe: src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/37804698?portrait=0″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] Here is me challenging Mr. Gorilla.. [iframe: src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/37804771?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] Ah…. good times, good times. Make sure you’re taking time out and investing in your spouse! Sometimes the hardest thing about going on dates is planning dates. What are some date ideas that you have done, or want to do that you can share with the rest of... Read More