Business by Ben

  We sourced one of our blogs a few weeks back and wanted to highlight a killer post by David McRaney, from his personal blog called “You are Not So Smart.” This post talks about the Benjamin Franklin Effect as he calls it, which is the misconception... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Light workshop Re-Cap!

We just had this workshop literally yesterday, and we are ready to put up all the images for the Nashville, in-camera tour stop that we had here at our home! It was an awesome day at this sold-out workshop hanging with new friends from all over the country! We had... Read More

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! All of last week we were taking some time off and rightly so – once this weekend starts with our Nashville workshops, we have either weddings, workshops, or conferences for 11 weekends straight! Whew! We’re back hitting the grind and look... Read More