Washington State IN Camera Tour | Re-Cap

We have returned from our workshops, creativeLIVE event and speaking gigs that we did in Washington and are stoked to be home! We spent 6 days touring around Seattle and Leavenworth and had an awesome time making new friends and seeing old ones!   We are pumped to share with you images from both workshops and we have some links to some reviews from attendees for you to check out as well! Now to the Lighting workshop images! Our host studio owners had their daughter out shooting behind the scenes images, so we grabbed one of her! Cute! At the end of the day, we decided to do a two light set-up for the above two images. We showed the attendees just how easy it is to add a second light! Reviews: Lynette Smith Thanks Dennis for the feedback on my blog :) The workshop is amazing and worth it. Any skill level….any age. You will love it!” Angie Arms Renee Booe @kara_proehl Kathryn Sinn Dokter “Got home last night from my northwest advenuture. Walked in the door at 8:30, sat down at 9:00 to cull a HS Sr. shoot and was done by 9:30. My husband was watching and vistiting and said I was ruthless. He likes my new speed!!!!” Jessica Michelle “Put the skills I learned at the lighting workshop to good use at yesterday’s bridal session :D Thanks again a million times Zach ‘n Jody Gray!!” Tori Pintar “Thank you for another great day Zach and Jody!” Wiletta Quiet Storm McGhee “So glad I discovered Zach ‘n Jody Gray!”   There are soooo many more reviews,... Read More

Friday Fun | creativeLIVE Niece Skyping Cuteness

Zach and I were on creativeLIVE last Friday and my older sister Jacq Washburn (Jacq Washburn Photo Restoration :) was tuning in with my niece. She thought we were skyping with her and she caught it on vide… Cutest thing ever!   [iframe: src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/40757849?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen]   Happy Friday, ya’ll!... Read More

Business by Ben

  We sourced one of our blogs a few weeks back and wanted to highlight a killer post by David McRaney, from his personal blog called “You are Not So Smart.” This post talks about the Benjamin Franklin Effect as he calls it, which is the misconception that you do nice things for the people you like and bad things to the people you hate. This can be all to true of a thought in our social media run world and can have a great effect on our business if we don’t know the real truth behind the lie. Check out his post HERE and really take some time to read through this as you will get a ton out of it! See you guys next... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Light workshop Re-Cap!

We just had this workshop literally yesterday, and we are ready to put up all the images for the Nashville, in-camera tour stop that we had here at our home! It was an awesome day at this sold-out workshop hanging with new friends from all over the country! We had attendees come in from New York, Texas, Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky and more!   Check out the day!   We started and ended the day teaching the ins and outs of different lighting situations and how to deal with it, set it up fast and get killer results. We then headed out behind our house to start shooting! We shot all afternoon in some good, and not so good natural lighting conditions and showed how the flash can create beautiful images if you know exactly how to use it. We also showed the attendees how to shoot some killer panoramic shots and stitch them together with a few clicks of a button in post! Really cool! The attendees getting their learn on! Another couple of crazy pano shots that we did! We were lucky to have two models, Jason and Stephanie, who were an actual couple! We were able to demo how we shoot more than one person with the off-camera lighting. We headed out for the final location to do some multi-strobe shots and they turned out really cool. Check it! Here is a little behind the scenes of the set up and how it was done. There are 4 lights on this shot, the main to camera right, the kicker back to the left, then two 580EX Speedlights... Read More

Workshop Re-Cap | IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post

The Nashville stop of our in-camera tour is officially over and we had a blast at the sold-out workshop that took place at our home!! The weather was awesome and photos were better! Check it out!   We started off teaching about nailing your images in the camera with some class time in our living room! We also ended the day teaching how we do our 3 to 5 hour workflow and edit things at lighting speed!   Then we headed out to start shooting! Most of the shots you see were done in really bad lighting conditions (high-noon sun) where we had to make the lighting behave and look awesome for the shots. Here is a little behind the scenes of how the next shot was done in direct sunlight.   We are headed off to Seattle for this weekends workshops, and we can’t wait to see some of you there! Want to sign up? There are still a few spots left for Seattle and you can sign up by clicking... Read More

Happy Anniversary Scarlett & Stephen!!!

It was a year ago today that we were in Florida not only shooting but celebrating with fellow photographers Stephen & Scarlett Knuth (ScarlettLovesStephen.com). These guys are an amazing couple and we love how their hearts are focused on becoming the people who God has called them to be and having a marriage that God designed. Keep up the hard work! Take a look back and celebrate their day with us by looking at their wedding album we put together for... Read More

Live Chat Interview | Marriage, Business & Faith

Hey guys! We did a live chat with past clients and amazing photography duo Stephen and Scarlett a few days ago, and we are making it available here on the blog!   It is an hour long talk about faith, marriage and mixing that with your business with Q & A from the live crowd! We had over 450 people tune in when it went live which was amazing!! During the live chat, some people could not here Stephen and Scarlett for the first 7 minutes or so, but the audio is on this mix, so check out the beginning if you missed it last time around.   Stephen and Scarlett also started the Prosper Community which is a photographer community for Christian photographers, or those wondering more about what that means, so check it out HERE!   Enjoy!!   [iframe: frameBorder=”0″ height=”390″ scrolling=”no” src=”http://api.vokle.com/events/56347-livechat-with-zach-and-jody-gray/embed_content?vokleChapter=0&wrapped=true”... Read More

Becoming your Client’s Coach

Welcome to Tuesday Photography Tips and Tricks by us, Zach and Jody! We are super excited to talk about a wedding that we just shot in Destin, Florida 2 weeks ago and break down a few shots! Whenever we go out to shoot a wedding, there are exactly 1 million different things to think about as we try and capture the most beautiful images possible for our clients. Not only is it critical to shoot the moments as they unfold, but you have to make sure they happen in good lighting (so they look good), you have to be certain that you are shooting your client from the most flattering angle, using the right lens and the right settings to get consistent shots and you have to able to respond very quickly in case things change in an instant. There are no second chances with certain moments at weddings, like the first kiss, but sometimes, with some moments, there can be room to flex. That is what today’s post is about! ; Are we only capturing moments, or can we create them? We believe that many of life’s greatest moments are ones that were deliberate, ones where we participated in the creation of. As a wedding photographer, we become a part of the wedding due to our close proximity to the couple and the family throughout the day, and therefore we do have an effect on how things will unfold. We try and do our best to not get in the way of things as they naturally happen, but also try and become our client’s little coach sitting on... Read More

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! All of last week we were taking some time off and rightly so – once this weekend starts with our Nashville workshops, we have either weddings, workshops, or conferences for 11 weekends straight! Whew! We’re back hitting the grind and look forward to interacting with you all again on social media and our... Read More

A Week Of Refreshing | See You In a Week!

We are officially taking this whole week off!!! Will be completely out of the office, off of social media and not checking any emails. Once we get back in the office we will be gone 11 weekends straight, so now is when we need to relax and build up energy in prep for the rest of the workshop tour and our weddings!! Have we mentioned we are SUPER EXCITED about taking this week off?? We are :) This image is exactly how we want to feel all week, so go, take an hour, a day or multiple days if you can and go and love on someone that needs it! You all rock and we will see you next week!! PS. The April Newsletter will be going out on Tuesday and it is going to be a really big one with something we have been working on for over a year, so if you want in, sign up... Read More