Jeremiah & Maggie | The Wedding Album

We just previewed the wedding album for Jeremiah & Maggie’s wedding here at our home and they loved it! We cannot wait for the book to arrive and we are sooo excited for when it finally arrives for them to see! Congrats guys again on your awesome wedding and we will definitely have to come to Mom’s house for a grill out some time soon!! Thanks soooo much to KISS which allows us to design, share, order and deliver these amazing books for our clients! Without you guys this process would be so much more difficult for us, which means our clients would have to wait that much longer. You rock! Click below to view Jeremiah & Maggie’s wedding... Read More

Win a HARVEST DVD courtesy of the FRAMED Network!

We have recently shot an episode of the FRAMED Network that we did in Idaho a few weeks back. The FRAMED Network is a free resource of shoots, interviews and more all filmed and presented in a super cool format for you, the photographer! We did some really intriguing interviews (see us as you have never seen before… :) and a live engagement style shoot on a cliff-top with an entire film crew for our episode and can’t wait for you to see it!! Our episode will air on July 10th, 2012 and it is FREE to watch! We will be joining other past FRAMED shooters like Jeremy Cowart, Joey L and Kevin Kubota just to name a few! **You have to join the Framed Network in order to view the video content! Instructions on joining the network are below** In honor of our appearance on Frame, we are doing something super cool! A giveaway!! We are giving away a copy of our HARVEST DVD (download only) to one lucky winner!   Here is what you need to do to win. 1. Follow Zach & Jody on Twitter ( 2. Sign up for the FRAMED Network at (Click JOIN at the top right) 3. Tweet the following message: (text to copy) Win #HARVESTdvd & grow your business thanks to @ZachandJody & @FRAMEDNetwork! More info @ 5. For brownie points, leave a comment below letting us know why you’re excited to win! 6. Check back on the blog on Tuesday July 3rd which is the LAST DAY to sign up if you want to see our episode on... Read More

We are coming to California! | Shoot Dot Edit Pricing, Process & Profit Tour

We are coming out to California on ShootDotEdit’s Pricing, Process and Profit Tour! We are a part of the Southern California run and can’t wait! The amazing KISS & ShootDotEdit were kind enough to sponsor us to come out to this event! RSVP NOW to reserve your seat! Visit the Shoot Dot Edit TOUR WEBSITE.   What the tour is about: This tour, hosted by Shoot Dot Edit Owner & photographer Jared Bauman, is all about getting that edge when it comes to how you price your services, how you handle your workflow for maximum efficiency and how to make a real profit in your photography business.   Speakers: Jared Bauman – who is an expert at pricing your packages for reduced client confusion, maximum profit and structuring them so they sell themselves. Leeann Marie – Expert with studio workflow management and business coaching will share with you how to get organized and how to get efficient with the back-end of your business so that you can spend time doing more of what you love – SHOOTING! Zach & Jody Gray (that is us!) – We are going to tackle the profit side of things and dive into sales! We are going to share with you the 3 Steps to Bigger Sales which will help increase your bottom line in your wedding photography business. When we learned how to sell, we were able to double and sometimes triple our total wedding profits.   Dates & Locations: Los Angeles on Tuesday July 31st Orange County on Wednesday August 1st San Diego on Thursday August 2nd   Price To Attend: Did... Read More

IN-CAMERA Tour | ReCap of Charlotte

As we are about to head out to New York City for our last stop on the IN-CAMERA workshop tour, we wanted to post up our images from the SOLD-OUT Charlotte, NC stop we did a few weeks back!! We had a blast hanging in this city in the south and all the attendees were super cool! We had a stellar studio location and lots of awesome behind the scenes images shot by past attendee Lucy from Smitten & Hooked Photography! A HUGE thanks goes out to hosts Lucy (Smitten & Hooked Photography) & Julie (In His Image Photography) (pictured below) and their fab husbands for making these workshops happen!   (photo credit Hayley Juliet!)   Enjoy the shots from the day! Day 1: Shooting & Post – We started off in this awesome studio space talking through our shooting style and how we get the images 90% of the way there in the camera, so that our editing workflow can be lighting fast! We headed out to start shooting in the city and had tons of cool locations within just one blog. We always start off demoing our system that we use to get our camera’s aperture, ISO and shutter speed set with the lighting and posing that we want. Then, the attendees take over and start shooting!   Day 2: Light – We started off day 2 just like day one going over gear, lighting, composition and our system for setting up super fast off-camera lighting shots so we can shoot in any lighting conditions with zero guess work.   Then we headed out into the heat... Read More

Friday Fun | Toilet Training Our Cat

It has been awhile since we have talked about this, and because we have had so many new photographers exposed to us, we thought it was high time that we exploited one of our cats, Starbucks again. :) Three or four years ago, one of the conditions of Zach letting us get a cat was if we taught it how to use the toilet (because he hated the stink of litter boxes). So when we first got Star(bucks) we also bought CityKitty! And yes, Star learned how to use the toilet. Here is our amazing and talented cat, doing her business :) [iframe: width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen] A little update, she kind of fell off the band wagon with our crazy travel schedule and us not being as consistent with the training as she needed, but nevertheless…. our cat has gone to the bathroom on the toilet! Sweeeeet… :)   Happy... Read More