2012 Fall IN-CAMERA Photography Registration is LIVE!

Registration is LIVE for our 2012 IN-CAMERA Fall Workshop Tour and there are only a few seats left for each city! This is our LAST IN-CAMERA tour as you know them so if this has always been on your bucket list, now is the time to act. There are only 16 seats per workshop day available so get your seat before they sell out. REGISTER HERE! [iframe: src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/35660225?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] The Cities We Are Coming To: ORANGE COUNTY, CA 10/7 IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post 10/8 IN-CAMERA: Light NASHVILLE, TN 10/14 IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post 10/15 IN-CAMERA: Light HOUSTON, TX 10/28 IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post 10/29 IN-CAMERA: Light KANSAS CITY, MO 11/4 IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post 11/5 IN-CAMERA: Light ORLANDO, FL 12/2 IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post 12/3 IN-CAMERA: Light     For dates and more info, visit... Read More

Flash + Direct Sun

With our IN-CAMERA tour quickly approaching, we thought we would post some serious lighting tips!! When photographing any type of on-location portraits, whether for weddings, families, or even sometimes commercial work, we don’t always have the benefit of great natural lighting to help compliment our flash shots. Sometimes we are stuck shooting in direct sun, and that can be very problematic even when using flash. So, today we are going to break down a simple system that you can use to get great flash shots in direct sun!   There are two ways that we do direct sun flash shots and both are dependent on the time of day. If it’s NOT that time just before the sun is about to set (the golden hour) then we use this our sunny 16 approach, and if it IS that time just before the sun sets (but we still have direct sun on our client, just not as bright as mid-day) then we us our double metering technique.   Sunny 16 approach: If your client has the sun blasting in their face and it is NOT that last hour before sunset or that first hour of sunrise, then use this process. Step 1. Put your client and flash in desired position, power up your off-camera strobe to closer to full power. Step 2. Set your meter to ISO 100, 1/100th of sec, and meter ONLY the flash until it meters f/16. (note; if you meter the flash AND the direct sun together, it can throw the meter off and read incorrectly) Step 3. Set your camera to ISO 100, 1/200th of... Read More

Having your Black & White images look like Butter (video)

Today we are pulling a video for you from our Newsletter Archive that until today, has only been available to those on that exclusive list! We wanted to pull this video for a few reasons.   1. To show you some of the cool extra goodies that are inside our monthly newsletters (if you want to sign up, just enter your email above and to the right where it says “Get the Newsletter”)! 2. This is one of our highest requested editing tips videos, so we thought we would make it available for all!   (A few notes on this video: This was shot before we had a nice mic, so turn up your volume! It was also shot using Lightroom 3, so if you use Lightroom 4, substitute the brightness slider with exposure. If you have questions that you want answered, then email us from our contact form on our Photographers website!) Enjoy the video!... Read More

Weddings with your Spouse

Today we want to highlight our new Tumblr blog that we created a bit ago a a way to answer questions on the go! Sometime we get into seasons where we are traveling like crazy, but we still want to answer as many questions as we can. So, yesterday, we put up a blog on working with your spouse during the wedding day and defining roles! After reading the post, do us a favor, and if you have any tips that have helped you have a smoother wedding day when working with your spouse, a second shooter or an assistant, leave a comment below for all of us to read! Check out the post by clicking the below image!... Read More

Win a Mentoring Session with us AND a HARVEST DVD!

Hey Fabulous Photographers! Today is the first Tuesday of the month which means that today’s Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks is sent only to newsletter subscribers. Buuuuuut, we still have a fun giveaway to share, compliments of The Music Bed, which is the BEST source out there for purchasing GREAT music that is legal to use. They are doing an amazing giveaway and we’re excited to be a part of it and share the goodness with you! The Great ‘Ographer Giveaway of Twenty Twelve is going down and your friends at The Music Bed want you to know what’s up! We have $1,500 in beautiful dollars to Creative Live, Borrow Lenses, and The Music Bed to give away! Even better –would you l-l-love to learn a thing or two from us with an exclusive one-on-one session,eh? One photographer and one filmmaker will win and be announced on October 2, 2012! Don’t procrastinate! Entering is quick and FREE below! ENTER NOW!... Read More