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from the September 2012 category

Registration is LIVE for our 2012 IN-CAMERA Fall Workshop Tour and there are only a few seats left for each city! This is our LAST IN-CAMERA tour as you know them so if this has always been on your bucket list, now is the time to act. There are only 16 seats per workshop day available so get your seat before they sell out.
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Dan & Rachel Album = Awesome!

by Zach & Jody on September 27, 2012, posted in Featured Weddings,Uncategorized

Dan & Rachel’s wedding was amazing and we are stoked to show you their album! Click on the below image to see it!


With our IN-CAMERA tour quickly approaching, we thought we would post some serious lighting tips!!

When photographing any type of on-location portraits, whether for weddings, families, or even sometimes commercial work, we don’t always have the benefit of great natural lighting to help compliment our flash shots. Sometimes we are stuck shooting in direct sun, and that can be very problematic even when using flash. So, today we are going to break down a simple system that you can use to get great flash shots in direct sun!
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Today we are pulling a video for you from our Newsletter Archive that until today, has only been available to those on that exclusive list! We wanted to pull this video for a few reasons.


1. To show you some of the cool extra goodies that are inside our monthly newsletters (if you want to sign up, just enter your email above and to the right where it says “Get the Newsletter”)!

2. This is one of our highest requested editing tips videos, so we thought we would make it available for all!

3. With our FINAL run of our IN-CAMERA workshops coming up, and a few seats left here and there in different cities, we wanted to give out some info that you will find in those workshops! We cover this, and tons of other editing topics in our Shooting & Post workshop and will show you guys how we can download, cull, edit, upload and build the entire wedding album in under 3 hours. Interested in more of that? Click HERE to check out what spots are left!


(A few notes on this video: This was shot before we had a nice mic, so turn up your volume! It was also shot using Lightroom 3, so if you use Lightroom 4, substitute the brightness slider with exposure. If you have questions that you want answered, then email us from our contact form on our Photographers website!)

Enjoy the video!




Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Weddings with your Spouse

by Jody on September 11, 2012, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks

Today we want to highlight our new Tumblr blog that we created a bit ago a a way to answer questions on the go! Sometime we get into seasons where we are traveling like crazy, but we still want to answer as many questions as we can. So, yesterday, we put up a blog on working with your spouse during the wedding day and defining roles!
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