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from the November 2012 category


Reserve Your Seat for WPPI 2013!!

by Zach & Jody on November 12, 2012, posted in Speaking

Mark your calendars and book your seat for WPPI 2013!!

Registration opens today! Make sure you register and you can pre-board up to five platform classes to secure a seat in the classes you want to attend the most.

*The pre-board for our class last year was the first to fill up, so make sure to reserve your seat pronto*

Zach & Jody’s Platform Class: Sunday, March 10th at 3:00pm
Topic: How To Avoid What Most Small Businesses Do – Fail

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Other platforms not to miss:

Dane Sanders | Going to Market: Maximizing Portrait and Wedding Profits (Sunday, 9:00am)
Jared Bauman | Pricing & Packages Made Simple (Sunday 12:00pm)
Lawrence Chan | Content Marketing & Social Media: The Secrets to More Bookings and Online Engagements (Monday 4pm)
Blair Phillips | Absolute Refusal to Blend In: Senior Photography that Rocks (Tuesday 4pm)
Jared Platt | Profitable Post-Production Using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 (Tuesday 4pm)
Sal Cincotta | Weddings: Making Real Money Doing What You Love – Tips, Tricks, and Business Advice for Everyone (Tuesday 6:30pm)
Justin & Mary Marantz | The Bottom Line (Wednesday 8:30am)
Sue Bryce | Contemporary Portrait Posing (Wednesday 8:30am)

WPPI is a jam-packed few days of meeting photographers, learning good stuff and walking the tradeshow. It’s exhausting, but absolutely fun :) We hope to see you all there!


Pursuit 31 Women’s Conference Recap…

by Jody on November 7, 2012, posted in Speaking

This blog has been three weeks in coming.

I (Jody) was honored to have been a part of the Pursuit 31 Christian Women’s photographer’s conference a few weeks back and my life was changed.

It’s so hard to describe everything that happened, and I think you had to be there in order to fully understand and grasp the God-filled life-changing times that were had.
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WHY Should I Vote?

by Zach & Jody on November 6, 2012, posted in Personal Fun

Today, we all get to do something that millions of people worldwide don’t have the luxury of doing – VOTE!

If you’re still on the fence about voting, read this short blog by author & marketing guru, Seth Godin… love this. Great perspective!

Why Vote? The Marketing Dynamics of Apathy by Seth Godin.

Even if you think there is no point in voting and your state is probably going to go one way or another, still VOTE! [click to continue…]


Behind-the-Scenes to this 3-Light Set Up!

by Zach & Jody on November 5, 2012, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks

Want to see not only the behind-the-scenes image of this shot but know how we set it up and shot it? Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter that goes out tomorrow to all of our subscribers!!

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Friday Finds | Memory Vault

by Zach on November 2, 2012, posted in Friday Finds

When you are looking to create value in a product that you are selling to your clients, one way help do that is by differentiating your product line. We all know that having all of the images from your wedding, engagement or senior shoot is important to have, but because most of us deliver that on a DVD, clients tend to devalue that in part because they know how much a DVD costs to produce (nothing). So we dress up those little terds by putting them in nice leather DVD cases and printing our studio name on the cover. But the client sometimes still has a hard time swallowing the price point. We know that the value is in our art and not the actual DVD, but since our clients are not artists, they can have a hard time understanding that. The reality is, the client is always right and if they think your disk of images is worth $10, then it is since that is what they are willing to pay!
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