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from the December 2012 category


CONNECT | A Marriage Retreat For Photographers

by Zach & Jody on December 17, 2012, posted in Speaking

We are super excited to tell you that we, with the support and help of Katelyn James and her fabulous hubby, Michael, have created a marriage retreat for photographers!!!!

If you are married and work with your spouse (or are considering it!), and want to getaway, learn from industry leaders and refresh, refocus, and RELAX then this is for you.  This is for any married couple regardless of how long you have been married or how long or short you have been working together.

We introduce to you:

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Happy Birthday Zach!!!!!!!!!!!

by Jody on December 13, 2012, posted in Personal Fun

Yup, my husband is one year older and one year wiser today!!!!


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Happy Holidays!! It’s crazy to think Christmas is right around the corner!  As you’re settling in for the end of the year we want to bring to you a few tips on groomsmen lighting and break it down for you.

Today we are going to look at two shots that we did at a recent wedding with the groom and groomsmen and how we shot them. These images were shot on-location at Belle Meade Plantation a few hours before the ceremony.

The sun was still pretty high in the sky and we wanted to do more than just stick the guys in shade and take some bland shots, so we looked for a cool composition we liked and then brought out our powerlight to make the shot work. I set up the light and took two test meter readings as the guys were walking over. Once we got them set up as you see them in image one, we took the shot and this was the result.

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It has been on our hearts for a while to meet a need that we have seen in the photography community – the need for married couples who do this together to be encouraged, refreshed and gain extra guidance and wisdom on how to make working together WORK as well as balance the craziness of life, being married, and for some of us, kids. We have teamed up with two other couples who share the same vision – Karen & Isaac Stott, Michael & Katelyn James  – to meet this need and we will be bringing in some amazing industry leaders we can all learn from and grow together in our marriages.

We introduce to you:

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Adam & Jennifer’s Wedding Day!

by Zach & Jody on December 6, 2012, posted in Featured Weddings

We are excited to share with you a peek into the wonderful wedding of Adam & Jennifer!

Click on the below image to view their client site!

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