The Secret to Standing out from every other Photographer

“The opposite of remarkable is ‘very good.’ Are you making ‘very good’ stuff? If so, how fast can you stop!” Seth Godin, Purple Cow   The two fastest emerging technologies in the world are Smart Phones and DSLR Cameras. Everyone and their cousin is becoming a “pro” photographer these days and we can come to one concrete conclusion based on that fact. We have LOADS of competition! With a sea of new photographers flooding the market, launching their new websites and starting businesses left and right, how in the world do YOU stand out from the crowd and what can you do that makes you different so you get noticed? If you think that you can simply create a great product (like really nice images) and offer them at a competitive price, and meet the expectations you set for your clients, then your business will probably be over before it begins.  So, what is the secret? What is it that will allow YOU to stand out from the crowd? Listen to the rest of the above quote from Seth Godin:   “Services that are worth talking about get talked about.” “If your business is remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise – ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” WOW! Seth is saying that with this much competition out there, you can’t simply do something that is really good in business, but rather, you have to ONLY do things that are remarkable, or, Worth... Read More

One Tool that can save you HOURS of editing!

  When you spend your day multi-tasking, like going from building an album, to checking an email, you lose a small amount of productivity as you move between tasks. According to Tim Ferris (4 Hour Workweek), you lose exactly 45 seconds each time you move from one task to another. So about 90 seconds is lost as you move to a task, work on it, then move back. Yikes!! In a typical work day, checking 30 tasks (like email and FB) will lose you about 45 minutes of total productivity. The same applies for EDITING. When you are culling images (like picking the keepers for your clients) or editing, you end up moving your mouse, then pressing buttons on your keyboard with only your left hand. This is unnatural and causes you to take your eyes off the screen, and look down at your keyboard, then look back at the screen which slows down productivity. So, what is the answer to this problem?   So, today we want to introduce you to a simple, yet powerful tool that can literally speed up your post processing times by hours. Introducing the Shuttle Pro V2 I first heard about this tool from Jared Platt, and what is powerful about the Shuttle Pro V2 is it is an ergonomically designed quick control key that you can program to take over simple or complex functions in any program you choose. So for example, instead of pressing “P” to pick an image as a keeper in Lightroom, you can simply press a button that is in an easily muscle memorized location on the Shuttle. This allows you to... Read More

Becoming A Lovecat

  Today’s tips and tricks is simple, short and to the point. We work in an industry that is service based and even though we do sell a product (our beautiful photos), our actual job is to serve. We are here to deliver the goods, but more importantly, our business exists to have our clients feel really great about what we do for them. We have realized that the greatest way that we can grow our business, grow our network and grow our influence with clients, is to become what Tim Sanders calls “A Lovecat.” In his book, Love Is the Killer App (a recommended read by David Jay), Tim Sanders says, “Offer your wisdom freely, give away your address book to everyone who wants it (or your contacts and network), and always be human (or, treat everyone around you as if they are more important than you).” WOW! What great advice! Do you want your business to grow? Do you want to make more money in your photography business? Do you want to be an influence on those around you? Then share everything that you have (literally) with everyone around you! Gather as much knowledge as you can about photography and the business of it, and then share it with everyone around you. Be careful though, because not every single person out there is into this sharing thing. That is OK though, just don’t let them dissuade you from what you should really be doing! Some may think that you are too new to the industry, or have not yet “paid your dues” or that you are too... Read More

Friday Finds | Packing Pro

Welcome to this week’s Friday Finds…REVISITED! Have you ever been on your way to a shoot, and en-route, you realize that you forgot something critical to the session like your CF cards, your reflectors, or some small adapter that makes your entire light rig work? We have!! There is no worse feeling on the planet then leaving something behind and trying to get the job done without an important piece of gear. Well the good news is, for only $2.99 you can solve that problem forever!! Introducing, Packing Pro!     All you have to do, is download the App from the App Store, open it, then create a new list and give it a name like “Wedding Gear.” I like to create one list for our camera gear, then one for our computer bag gear for doing our slideshows at the wedding since I pack all that gear separately.   Next, just press the + button to add something to the list! That’s it! Go through every single piece of gear you bring to weddings or your other shooting gigs (down to extra batteries and every small detail) and simply check it off as you pack. Then, just uncheck everything to use the list again. Also, once you create a list, you can copy it and add a few things for a specific trip you may be taking that has alternate or added gear for that one trip. You can date the list, edit it and make adjustments at will. It’s an extremely simple program, but one that helps you feel way more relaxed when you’re on your... Read More

Why Back Button Focusing will change your life

Today’s post is about something that we have been using for a few years now, and something that we WISH we had been using ever since we started shooting! There is nothing more frustrating then when you are shooting a portrait of your client, and the focus point you want to use is just outside of the composition you are wanting to shoot. So you end up focusing on your client, re-composing the image, taking the shot and THEN have to do it all over again, because if you try and shoot two images in a row, the camera will re-focus wherever that focus point is now pointing and most likely go OUT of focus (or focus on something you did not want in focus). Annoying! Then you end up bobbing and weaving your head like a trained monkey all afternoon and your client thinks that there is something seriously wrong with you upstairs! :) There has to be a solution to this irritating problem. Welcome to the world of back-button focusing! Your camera has a myriad number of different points at which it can lock focus on your client, and depending on your camera of choice, some of those focus points are stronger than others. As an example, on the 5d mark 2 (a very popular wedding camera for many years), there are exactly 9 focus points. One in the center, and 8 others around the middle part of your frame. You can manually select (if you choose to do so) any single focus point and place that on whatever you want to be in focus on your... Read More

Friday Finds | Shoot & Sell

    ! Welcome to this week’s Friday Finds..REVISITED! Introducing; Shoot and Sell. (The name says it all)   How would you feel about adding $500 to each and every session you shoot by doing a very small amount of work? How valuable would it be to you to simply offer your clients something that they might purchase and have a high chance that they will each time you do? One of the toughest things you face when starting out shooting weddings or portraits, is how to sell products to your clients AFTER you shoot their gig. If you can’t afford a studio space (which is tough for most photogs) and you don’t want to meet in your home, then selling after the shoot can be super hard. We always say that you “sell what you show” and you have to find a way to help your clients visualize what their home could look like if YOUR images were hanging on their walls. If you don’t show it, chances are they will never buy it. Well, the problem is solved with this simple app!! With this app, you can take images that you actually shot from their session, and put them to scale on THEIR walls! How cool is that? You can have them send a pic of their space, or better yet, do a consult with them at their home and snap a pic of their actual wall, then put THEIR images on the wall space at actual scaled sizes! You can also put their images on a wall that looks similar to one they have with the pre-built... Read More

Creating Panoramic Images

Today we are going to show you guys how to create really cool panoramic images! Maybe you want to shoot a really scenic shot of the venue or location of a wedding for the wedding album, or you want to create a panoramic canvas for your clients wall. If so, then this is how you do it!   We are going to show you an image that we actually shot yesterday at our in-camera: Light workshop (more images to come soon!) as an example.   What you will need: Camera to take awesome photos, Lightroom 3 or 4, Photoshop CS5 with your RAW plug-ins up to date Step 1. Shoot the pano images – You have to shoot more than one image to create a true pano shot, and you do this by simply framing up your initial shot that you want, then panning the camera either right or left (or both) and taking another image. You can do this by hand and don’t need a tri-pod, as long as you stay on the general axis point that you started with.   First image that I wanted to use Second image of the sky just next to our model I took by simply panning my camera to the right (make sure both images are close to the same plane, and make sure that they overlap each other a little bit)   As you can see in the above two images, there is a little bit of overlap of the sky on the right in image 1, and the left in image 2, which is needed later on to stitch... Read More

Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks | Separation of Work and State (of mind:)

  “We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Today we wanted to touch on a subject that has been at the forefront of our lives lately – truly putting your business in its place so that it doesn’t overtake your life! Back in August of 2008, our business was growing fast and we were having a ton of fun with it all. The problem was, we had put our personal relationship on the back-burner and that month came to the realization that we were barely spending any quality time with each other. So, we decided to take a drastic step and have Jody quit her day job that she had at the time. It was hard walking away from the extra income, the awesome insurance and the “security” of that job. But ultimately we knew that if we did what was right, we would be rewarded with something much greater; a strong relationship with one another that will last far beyond any cool photos we will ever take. So, we know that everyone out there reading this is in a different place in their business, but we also know that ALL of us deal with how to keep the reins tight on our business and making sure that we are devoting enough of our spiritual, emotional and physical energy to ourselves and our loved ones. Today we want to challenge you to ask yourself the following: What one thing you can do right now to tame your... Read More

Friday Finds | Diptic

  Welcome to this week’s Friday Finds..REVISITED! We get asked by tons of Instagram Users how we make small story layouts in our feed. We do this with Diptic!   When you are trying to tell a small story of one of your clients on your Instagram, it is super useful to be able to bunch 2 to 4 images into a small story that you can post and share. Diptic allows you to easily do that with a few clicks, pick the layout, images, border and even edit the shots if you want. Then, you can open the spread directly in Instagram and start posting!   If you have a favorite app that helps you in your business, share it in the comments below so we can all check it... Read More

Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks | Our Wedding Day Prep Checklist

“We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Weddings are like any normal photo shoot, but 100 times crazier. Weddings are fast-paced and physically demand so much. We like to relax as much as possible before our weddings and what allows us to do this is prepping the day before so we can enjoy our friday evening and the morning of the wedding without adding any additional stress. Here are the things we do the day before to ensure that we are relaxed and ready to go for our weddings: 1. Start charging all of our camera batteries. 2. Charge up our two-way radios. 3. Print off wedding timelines (we print these at 2 to a page so they are smaller and easier to carry on our person. We print multiple copies for each of us, our assistant, and one extra for our camera bag). 4. Print off 3 copies of the family shot list (one for each of us, one for the camera bag). 5. Put a copy of the timeline and family shot list on Dropbox (which is FREE and the best way to share and access documents anywhere) in case we happen to lose all of our hard copies. 6. Make sure bride, groom, maid of honor and best man’s numbers are in both of our cell phones. 7. Sync camera time stamps (we want to make sure that when we combine our images later in post they are in the right order with each... Read More

Friday Finds | Evernote

  Friday Finds..REVISITED! Evernote is a way to capture anything in your life and save it. Evernote allows you to then easily search for anything in your life that you need to reference later!  For running your photography business, you can create projects and check them off as you go (and share them with anyone else on your team), digitally save all of your receipts by simply snapping a photo with your iPhone camera, you can capture ideas, web pages, and more and save them all as notes to look at later, and of course you can record all of your typical notes inside this system. You can ideas, facebook posts and even tweets. You can even scan in all of your documents (contracts, social security papers, birth certificates, tax returns – EVERYTHING) right into Evernote and have a completely paperless life! Now, everything you have is all in one place, digitally secured, and accessible at any time.   Check out the new Evernote Business  if you have a large team working with you so you can easily share docs and data with each other while you work, while also keeping your private notes... Read More

Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Rockin the Perfect Silhouette!

“We are taking time off spending time with baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Tuesday Tips & Tricks..REVISITED! Hey all! Today’s tips and tricks is all about how to get that perfect silhouette of your client every time! Have you ever been shooting your client and decided that you wanted to get that really nice silhouette shot of them, but then started to wonder what to base your exposure off of? Should it be a sliver of light on the rim of them from behind, or the sun, or somewhere in between? Here is how we do it. We were out shooting a new pop-rock band last week, Red Letter, and we were doing this wild lit shot with 3 strobes and Jody leaned over to me and reminded me to grab a silhouette shot. Whew! Glad she did! So, in the midst of shooting a completely different shot, I did a quick change up and got the next image without using the White Diffusion Westcott Parabolic Umbrella that you see in the above shot. The trick that we use to get great back-lit silhouette shots is we set our camera exposure for the sky. When the sky is perfectly exposed, that is when our subjects will turn black like you see in the above shot. Here is how we do it: 1. Point our camera to an area of the sky that is being lit by the sun, not at the sun itself (in the shot above, we pointed our camera between the... Read More

Friday Finds!! Our favorite Sling-over Camera Bag | UNDFIND

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Friday Finds from the last year for us all to review!”  Welcome to this week’s Friday Find..REVISITED! Happy Friday! Today we want to share one of our latest finds with you that we absolutely LOVE!!!!! If you are looking for a camera bag for yourself or a friend, this may be exactly what you are looking for! A few months ago we got the One Bag and Waist Shooter from UNDFIND and it is by far our favorite new bag to carry our lenses in when we take them out from our Think Tank roller camera bag. What makes UNDFIND’s One Bag the bomb-dot-com: – It’s an all-in-one bag: I (Jody) love the versatility of the bag.  If I don’t want to use it as a camera gear carrier, I can take out the center part (photo insert) and put books, my travel pillow, snacks – whatever I want!  This has become my travel bag whenever we go anywhere!  Once we start shooting it transforms back into a camera bag. – The multiple pockets: I love how there’s a space for my wallet, pens (yes, this gets me very excited ;o), and other nooks and crannies. There is even a netted cover on the flap where I can put MORE stuff.  I love pockets :) – Comfort: The shoulder strap is awesome!  It’s not only padded well but also has give to it when I walk. Love, love, love. – Different Looks: Of course here are swappable DESIGNER covers!! – Different Size Options: You can... Read More

Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Creating the Image

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Welcome to Tuesday Tips and Tricks REVISITED and the newest installment in a series we call “Creating the Image!” Today we are breaking down a series of images taken at a recent wedding in Franklin, TN of the amazing Amy and Brian. We shot images of them in a number of different places from out in a beautiful field, in a garden and in front of the historic Carnton Plantation home where they were married. As we walked by this little dirt road between locations, we noticed a great line of trees and some nice light and decided to set up a quick series of shots here. There are always a few elements that we look for when shooting the portraits of the bride and groom, and one of those is some real interaction between our couple. So we go through 4 simple steps to make sure that we get some great candid shots of them. Ready? Here we go! Step 1. Light The first thing we need, especially for candid shots, is great natural light that we can put our couple in so that we have a photo friendly environment. This location had some soft, directional light coming towards our clients, so we decided that this was an ideal location for some candid-style shots.     Step 2. Guidance Over years of shooting countless couple’s we realize that most great images are created, not just captured naturally. So we set up... Read More

Friday Finds | 2 Blokes Designs

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Friday Finds from the last year for us all to review!”  Welcome to this week’s Friday Find..REVISITED! Friday Finds are ALL about us finding great new software, social media tools, gadgets, gear and companies that can help your photography business be better, look slicker, run faster and be more competitive in the market place. For those of you who are looking to have a professional website and have no idea where to start, today’s find is for you!   We would like to introduce to you 2 Blokes Design! We had the privilege of spending of a few days on the road getting to know Jason, one of the co-founders of 2 Blokes Design. He’s a super kind, genuine guy and has a great heart for people. 2 Blokes fully comprises of Jason, his business partner, Dillon and their support team, their lovely wives Shelby and Emily (the 2 Blokes cheering squad :).   What Makes 2 Blokes Design Special: – Jason can beat anyone in a freckle count challenge – Dillon has challenge Jason many times, but has been met with failure on each account – You can have a custom website designed in one day! Click the link for more information on their One Day Process – They specialize in Showit websites – Their business is built around serving and community (Jason and his Wife will be heading overseas for 3 months to serve at a non-profit coffee shop. Read more on their story here) – So much more that you’ll have to... Read More

4 Ways to Backlight your Clients

This week, we are going to focus on a simple topic of lighting our client with background lights, and what angles to use when doing it. Background light on our subject is awesome because it creates a great deal of added contrast and separation to our final image. It can also be really cool when it is in the shot and creates flare which gives a cool glow to our couples. So, the question is, where do you put the light in the background to give it the desired effect? Let’s look at a few shots and break them down. Shooting Through In this first image, which is a photo from an engagement session from 2008, we have some serious background lighting going on, so let’s show you exactly what we were thinking to pull this one off. As you can see in the above lighting diagram, the main light is off to camera right lighting the face of the couple and our background light (top left) is at a 45 degree angle to the guy’s back and 45 degrees from the cameras perspective. It is pointed directly at his head and shoulders and is about 7 feet high (the best angle for the light to come down at, is also about 45 degrees so that it lights the head first, then trickles down to the shoulders and feet). The easiest way to use a background light, no matter where the light is coming from (strobe, window, sun) is to use the 45 degree method. This puts the light onto the shoulders and hair, but keeps it off of... Read More

Marketing that will change your business | Chapter One

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Tips and Tricks from the last two years for us all to review!” Tuesday Tips REVISITED…As promised we are going to start taking some of our Tuesday Tips and Tricks posts and talk about something FAR more important than the technical aspects of photography, the evil B word (Business)! Most photographers got into photography because they LOVE photography, not the business side! Isn’t that why you started? Most of us hate the 9-5 grind mentality (even though we end up working more than most people with a day job) and we want to be free from all the things that we don’t love doing. Unfortunately, as most of us have found out, if you don’t have a solid business underneath your amazing art, then you are doomed to be broke and frustrated with this thing called full-time photography and even worse, 9 out of 10 of us will end up going out of business within 10 years.* Not cool! So, what is the remedy? The solution to this problem is to fall in love with running a great business as much as you do with your art and shooting. The two don’t have to be that much different, because if you want your clients to have an amazing experience when they finally see the photos you created for them (which all of us do), then why not have every aspect of your business do that? We can make our entire business a great experience for our clients and it can be fun and creative and... Read More

Taking Some Time Off – Be Back Soon!

  As Jody and I await the arrival, then new life adjustment of having our son and finish our home build, we are taking some time off. We will be GOING DARK from Social Media, Facebook, Instagram (we may pop in here and there) and the Blog and will not be creating any new content for a few months. But don’t worry! You guys are all a huge priority in our lives and we will STILL have some content coming your way! We will be REVISITING some of our FAVORITE Tuesday Tips and Tricks and some Friday Finds that we created over the last 2 years so we can all get a refresher as we head into late fall and early winter! We will ALSO have be REVISITING our favorite and biggest NEWSLETTERS that will be hitting our private list 2 times per month. So come on back 2 times a week for info, sign up for the newsletter for more content and also check in for any news on Baby Gray! We will officially be back on January 15th with loads exciting new things coming your way! We are going to be hosting some amazing webinars (like are Reclaim Your Life Webinar that had over 500 photographers tuned in!), some new workshops coming your way, brand new Newsletters for those in our Tribe, another amazing CONNECT MARRIAGE RETREAT for couples in business together from March 31 – April 3rd (seating is almost SOLD OUT!) and MUCH MUCH MORE! Even though we will be going dark for while, we do have something REALLY amazing happening this November so stay tuned... Read More

Baby Gray Maternity Session

We just had our 8 month meternity photos shot by the amazing David Molnar! We will just share 2 images here, and then you can head over to the ItsTheGrayFamily blog for more for those that want it! The great thing about being a photographer is you always have photographer friends who can hook you up with an amazing session, and David and his wife Tammy did it with style! We shot their family session 2 months ago (see more on our Instagram feeds at @jodygray and @zachgray) and now they have returned the favor. It is rare to have someone who you trust will not only shoot great images, but help you feel great during the process and David and Tammy are just those type of friends. It is such a blessing to be in community and have people around you that walk with you through the hard, fun and even mundane parts of your life. This image below was shot on David Molnar’s iPhone during the session. He has an amazing iPhone book coming out that will teach people how to create incredible images with their phones and we will blog and talk about it more when it releases! Blessings all!  ... Read More

Controlling Large Off-camera Lights (Video)

When Jody and I were in Vegas for WPPI we shot a series of videos for Westcott‘s new University demonstrating some of their lighting modifiers and lighting techniques out in this cool old “ghost” town about 45 minutes from the city. We are super excited to finally share the first a few different videos that we produced together and they are all FREE and here on the blog! This first video shows us using the Westcott 7′ parabolic umbrella with the optional DIFF– USER to demo what you can do with one, large powerful light in the worst of lighting conditions. We use some feathering techniques (the details of how to do that are broken down in THIS post) in order to create an extremely soft lighting look, and also used the LEE Filter System in order to shoot at a very shallow depth of field when using high powered strobes. We also used the Elinchrom Ranger (not the Quadra that we use for weddings, but the bigger brother version) so we have plenty of power for the techniques used. Watch the video, then come BACK here to the blog to see in more detail the final images from this part of the shoot! More videos to come and more images!   Behind the scenes of the first set-up (more videos and locations to come!). You can see the light was harsh and not flattering. Here you can see the harsh natural light with NO flash on it. Now you can see the incredible difference it makes adding the flash. The great thing about this LARGE light, is the coverage you... Read More

Want a 2.5 hour wedding image workflow?

You have been waiting for this, and we talked about it on our webinar (replay is available until Friday night!), and we just launched a BRAND NEW product that solves the problem of your time being consumed with editing. The IN-CAMERA: Post production video workshop will: Share the systematic editing process and steps that Zach uses in his 2.5 hour wedding workflow Reduce your editing time Help you reclaim your life Allow PORTRAIT photographers to BLAZE through their shoots   The IN-CAMERA: Post video workshop includes: Gear we use for increased efficiency Our systematic editing process File organization so you never lose an image or wonder what to do next File backup for protecting images Creating custom black and whites Retouching for proofs and print Efficient Exporting and sharpening of all images Creating panoramas tutorial AND our exclusive 30-minute 80 page album design tutorial   Purchase by Friday October 4th ….and you will receive all 3.5 hours of content, the two bonus chapters PLUS $235 of six exclusive bonuses including access to our private IN-CAMERA Facebook group!   BONUS #1: Our Workflow Workbook Your guide through IN-CAMERA: Post with chapter summaries, tips and action items. (a $49.95 value)     BONUS #2: Workflow Checklist Get Zach’s very own worksheet that he uses to make sure all of his post-production tasks are completed so you ALWAYS know what is next. (a $19.95 value)     BONUS #3: Workflow Poster Print off this poster that highlights the tips and keys to having a fast and efficient workflow to free up your life! (a $14.95 value)    BONUS #4: Workflow Folder System Receive Zach’s... Read More

Reclaim Your Life FREE Webinar!

To kick off the final week of #RECLAIMYOURLIFE this month, we are holding a FREE Reclaim Your Life video webinar so you can learn how to spend less time on the things you don’t love and more time on the things that you do!   Join us Monday, September 30th at noon CT! Register for the webinar here to ensure your spot, because space is limited. If you have registered, you’re going to learn practical steps on how we have been able to streamline tasks that can steal our time away from things or people who really matter. You soon will be on your way to having a business that frees up your life and doesn’t steal from it. We can’t wait to see you all!         P.S. Already registered? Feel free to invite a friend. Click here to share the goodness on Twitter. Or just copy/paste the below into your favorite social network: “Just signed up for @ZachandJody’s FREE #RECLAIMYOURLIFE webinar! Join me” See you... Read More

Seattle Bridal Shoot + Behind the Scenes

Whew! I (Zach) just took my 7.5 month prego wife to Seattle for 6 days and she rocked it like a champ! She is a trooper! :)   We spent a day doing a 1 day Bridal Shoot on creativeLIVE and then popped in to Photo Week with a presentation on how to keep your business from failing. We had a blast and are excited to share some of the images from the shoots that we did!   We went out the day before the live show and shot some outdoor shots in Kerry Park in Seattle. We set up some cool lighting images and some very organic natural ones as well. Below us a breakdown of some of the shots and some behind the scenes too! We will post a few more blogs from the rest of the shoots we did coming SOON! Check it out!   This first set up the natural lighting was pretty flat due to the overcast morning. We decided to do a 4 light set up and had our main light to camera left, fill light to camera right, then the 2 kicker lights (show here) for some wow factor. While I was shooting the lit shot, Jody was grabbing some details of the brides shows and dress. Here you can see the shot with just one of the kicker lights firing. This gives you an idea of what the lighting was doing and how much we were overpowering the ambient light (about 2 stops). Here in this behind the scenes shot, you can see the look of the natural light and how... Read More

Speed Post-Production Tips | #RECLAIMYOURLIFE Week #4

  Last week we shared how having a great editing system can save you hours and allow you to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE! Not only did we share testimonies from photographers who have adopted our lightning-fast editing system (and cut down their editing time by HOURS) but we shared a few of our top five Post-Production Productivity Tips. If you missed it, you can read last week’s newsletter HERE. We have an insanely fast editing process that allows us to download, cull, edit, retouch and upload ALL the shots from approximately a 3,500 image shoot (& deliver 600-900 finals to the client) in just 2.5 hours or LESS. We know that sounds nuts, BUT, we promise you, it can be done! It is all about creating an incredible system for your editing process because we know that SYSTEMS can give us FREEDOM. So, what are the steps in this system? Having a great system involves simple and practical steps to follow. And when you can measure something that way, it can be managed!   When you utilize our system which is based on HOW you shoot and the MENTALITY that you edit with, you can achieve a workflow that can save you 50-75% of your editing time! Does that sound awesome, or what?!   So let’s dive right in to 3 more keys that will help speed up your editing!   _______________________________________ Post-Production Productivity Tip #3: Consistent Shooting   Shooting with Consistency = Speed in Editing So many photographers ask us what the secret to editing so fast is, and I always say that the FIRST thing you have to... Read More