Belieb It Or Not…

  Before you even start to hate, if you have never seen the documentary on Justin Bieber Never Say Never, then we don’t want to hear one negative peep out of your mouth :)   he he he… Don’t be jealous y’all, but Justin Beiber came through... Read More

See you in Cincinnati & Iowa!

In two and a half weeks we will be speaking in Cincinnati at the Photo Pro Expo!   Register NOW for the Photo Pro Expo! After we leave Cincinnati, we will be flying straight to Iowa to speak at their PPA Winter Convention! We look forward to seeing you all there... Read More


  We are officially headed off to London this Sunday the 6th! We are excited to be coming back to this wonderful city and can’t wait to see some of our overseas friends.     We are doing a Keynote at SWPP which is the UK’s largest... Read More
new year

As We Step Into 2013…

Happy New Year! It is crazy to think that 2012 is over and we are now embarking on a whole new year. We could go on and on and boast about all of the cool places we have been to this year, the exciting things we got to do, the cool clients we got to work with, but... Read More