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from the January 2013 category

We got back from London this past Sunday and we had such a great time!!  This is our 3rd trip in 2 years and it keeps getting better and better.   We flew out to SWPP which is Europe’s largest photographic convention to speak at their business school and then for a platform class for their convention.

We had so much fun and met so many more great photographers!!

(Above photo provided by the SWPP in-house photographer)

It was also my (Jody) birthday while we were out there!!! [click to continue…]


Tuesday Tips | Lit Senior

by Zach on January 15, 2013, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks

I had the awesome privilege of shooting my youngest brothers senior photos last month. My (not so) little brother Noah is very possibly your typical 17 year old in that he doesn’t like to talk much, is pretty shy, and is very concerned with not looking cool.

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Tuesday Tips & Tricks | Integrity

by Zach on January 8, 2013, posted in Photo Tips & Tricks


If you want to take your business to the next level for 2013, then one of the most simple ways to do that is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Having integrity. Doing things consistently, meaning what you say and doing the right thing no matter what. When you exercise this this trait in your business, clients will see that you are greatly different than the competition. You can quickly set yourself apart from everyone else simply by doing what you say you are going to do. [click to continue…]

So this post is for all you out there who love photography, which is hopefully everyone who comes to this blog! :) Today I (Zach) am going to show a few images and talk about a few of the things that we did during the a recent wedding of ours to get the images to look the way they do.

Photography, especially wedding photography, is unique in its own right in that a wedding photographer has to be proficient at many styles of shooting in order to get the job done. We have to know how to do portraits, photojournalism, architectural photography, product photography (for those little rings and details) AND do it all in .5 seconds! It is very difficult to do any of these types of photography well, let alone do them all in one day and shoot 1,200 final images that all rock our clients faces off. Whew!! Not an easy job! Sooooo, today we are going to talk about portraits (I hate that word and if anyone knows a better one, let me know) and a few different techniques in doing them.

Our lovely models today are the amazingly hot Blake and Andrea whose wedding we shot in October. These guys are the bomb and we love them to death! :)

Image number one!

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by Zach & Jody on January 3, 2013, posted in Friday Fun,Uncategorized


We are officially headed off to London this Sunday the 6th! We are excited to be coming back to this wonderful city and can’t wait to see some of our overseas friends. [click to continue…]