Day 1: Phoenix IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Photography Workshop Recap!

We just got back from our IN-CAMERA Phoenix workshop tour yesterday, and what a GREAT time we had! Here is a recap of the first tour day – the sold-out class of Shooting & Post which is our 5 hour workflow workshop.

A HUGE thanks to hosts Stacy & Joe for not only working out all the details so we could actually bring our tour to Phoenix but for opening their home so we could have the tour at their place!!

Each workshop day always begins with class time – teaching the concepts that we will later be putting into practice during the shoot time.

(Thanks to Stacy and Joe for taking some of these photos for us!)


Time for a little hands-on practicing with exposure and color using the Expo Disc!

After a lunch break, it’s time for the shooting portion!! We initially started as one big group right outside Joe & Stacy’s home because we actually had some sun (it had hailed only 2 hours before and rain was in the forecast for later!) and we wanted to take advantage of the light while we had it! So we got the adorable Joe & Stacy to pop in :)

After lunch and at the ASU campus, we split up into two groups and tackled the tips and techniques for getting phenomenal images right IN-CAMERA. By this time we still had sun and we were able to shoot in a variety of natural light situations!! Love it! Thank God!

These photos were all shot like this same color, exposure, lighting and contrast IN-CAMERA! So awesome :)

Giving feedback!

Getting some awesome flair shots! :)



At one point we all gathered together to shoot one of our models using two reflectors…

Thanks to Joe Kokes & Wendy Roe for assisting us that day!!

Final image shot in some pretty dark and dismal light, but with the reflector it came out awesome!

The below shot was actually taken in some direct sunlight, and we demonstrated how using a diffusion panel to change the direction of the sunlight, can soften the light and create a killer portrait with no post-needed!

Our models Via & Jennifer were absolutely AMAZING!! Thanks ladies!!!!!!

The last 15 minutes of the shooting time the rain came back with some heavy winds!!!!!!! It was crazy walking back to the parking garage!!! Many laughs were had… lol.

Then, the day ends with 2 hours of us going through our organization, culling, editing, and exporting process in Lightroom!

(photo compliments of the lovely iphone :)

We seriously, had such a great time with you all and feel like we gained new friends. SO glad all of you came out and we look forward to seeing you again!!


We want to give a big shout-out to Amy Demos, pictured on the bottom row just left of Zach, for purchasing the very last seat of the workshop! The proceeds of that last seat sold, if we have a sell-out, go directly to Thirst Relief!!

Thirst Relief gives clean water to third-world countries and has saved the lives of thousands of children around the globe, and because of Amy buying that seat, we were able to give 150 people clean water for 25 years!! Want to get involved but don’t have a ton of cash to burn?? Go purchase a Thirst Relief t-shirt and save a life!!