Day2: Phoenix IN-CAMERA: Light Photography Workshop Recap!

We weren’t sure if IN-CAMERA: Light could top the first day, but we have to say, it was pretty great :) We loved meeting the new people who weren’t with us the first day and once again, had a blast!

Once again, a huge thanks to Stacy & Joe Kokes for hosting us!!!!!

We started off the morning with class time…

Then after lunch, headed off to get our studio strobe lighting on! Once again, had gorgeous weather! We hear it’s really rare for Phoenix to have clouds and thanks to the storms the day before, we had white, puffy, awesome clouds!!

We start off with us demonstrating how we do our lighting…

All of the images you’ll see have no Photoshop done to them. The look that you see is achieved IN-CAMERA.

Same set up but using the neutral density filter… fun stuff!

And then we split off into 3 groups so everyone gets a chance to actually do their own lighting set up!

Here is me (Jody) with one of the groups. (Thanks Stacy for the images!).

Mike getting his metering on! :)

(you can see in the above shot what the natural light looked like when we shot the below images of Stacy!… Oooh the power of one strobe!)

A little behind-the-scenes fun :)

Joe, below, in the same lighting setup using a different lighting ratio.

Thanks Joe for rockin it out for us!

More fab images!

Here we have our fab assistant for the day, Wendy Roe being our human lightstand! :) Thanks for your help!!!!!!

Attendee Matt, getting his shoot on!

Near the end of the shoot, if we have time, we like to do a lighting setup adding a speedlight to the shot. Everyone gathering around…

The result…

Zach showing everyone…

Everyone getting a chance to shoot!

Love this shot of Neezar :)

And finally, the group!

Thanks to Stacy, Jennifer & Gina & Joe for rocking it out for all of us and modeling!

And here is us with the oh-so-awesome Stacy & Joe :) THANK-YOU BOTH FOR EVERYTHING!!

Again, such a great day, you all took AMAZING images and we can’t wait to see them all on your blogs!!!!!!!!!

Here’s to the next workshop stops! We can’t wait to hit up the rest of the cities on the tour. SEVEN of the days are completely SOLD OUT, so make sure to snag your seat before the rest of them go! IN-CAMERA: Workshop Website.

We look forward to the future stops!!!!