Decorating Our New Home for Our 1st Christmas

Welcome to DAY 3 of our Christmas week of blog posts!

This Christmas is special for us, because it’s the first time we are celebrating Christmas in our new home! Now that we have FINALLY had our Housewarming, we will share pictures soon, but this blog post is to show a bit of the decorating that we did for Christmas!!

We have never had a place where we can decorate outside so it was fun being able to do that! …Though it was COLD!!!!!

We actually ran out of bigger Christmas lights… so the next day we had to buy some more… So this below shot is before we added the final strand :)

The day we were decorating it began snowing and didn’t let up all day! It’s pretty rare for Nashville for it to snow this much and so long (almost all day) especially for this time of year.

We thought we would take Starbucks and Beans out on our back patio and let them experience the snow…

Good times in Nashville! Hope you all are having safe travels as you visit with family and loved ones!