Destination: New York, NY! Help plan our Trip for this Week!


Jody and I are headed to NY this Wednesday and we are pumped!  Believe it or not, this is the first time that I will actually get to set foot in New York, NY!  We are headed there because Jody and I are going to the biggest photography expo in the world called the Photo Plus Expo. More than 27,000 photographers came out to this thing last year and more than 300 photography companies will be showcasing their newest gadgets and gizmos. The biggest speakers in the world will also be there from Joe Buissink and Zach Arias to David Jay. Jody and I have been asked to speak at the Westcott booth (who we are sponsored by) and are super excited!

We have also booked a little time to ourselves and will be taking a carriage ride through Central Park and then eating at the Tavern on the the Green restaurant. Yum!!

Sooooo…We would love any other ideas that anyone that has been to New York may have about cool things to do, so chime in and give us some fun places that we MUST visit while we are there! And for some incentive, if you give us a great suggestion AND we go and do it, then we will send that first person who mentioned it on the blog an official New York souvenir!!! So let us know what to do and you just might be celebrating Christmas with a sweet Big apple snow globe!! Be sure to leave us your name and a link to get a hold of you if you comment!

For those that are wondering what shoots are coming up next, here is a little sneak peak to wet your appetites!! And for those car enthusiast who are wondering, yes, this is a phat Bentley!

Nashville, TN wedding photography

Nashville, TN wedding photography

  • Alyssa

    If you get a chance, head to Canal Street in Chinatown for some great designer knock-offs, then head over to Ferrara Cafe in Little Italy to warm up( It’s one of NY’s oldest coffee shops and has amazing desserts. Also, if you get time, you have to go to Carnegie Deli for some real NY cheesecake. It’s to die for! I love NYC — there’s so much awesome stuff to do and see. Have an amazing trip. :)

  • Kirsten

    I would say definitely try to make it to the Pearl River store. They have the most amazing cheap finds, Asian as well as all kinds of other things. And it’s a cool cultural experience if nothing else!!! Enjoy New York!!!!!!

    LOOOOOOOVE the picture of the bride and groom and Bentley!!!

  • Carlos bruno

    Tavern in the Green? Crazy? Both you … Stop!
    (And “we” are against the poor horses work also … walk! Will be the most pleasure visit EVER!).
    Not saying the food at TOTG is bad, but for le$$ you’ll have much better and much more cozy places at Upper West Side (Amsterdan Ave from 60 st ’till 90something …)! And all close to the most beauty architectural places in Upper Manhattan. Besides you always can do the ‘turists’ walk …
    Museums? Museum mile (East side) and a must to see in “our” case: the Photography School at 6th Ave. Have to check what is the deal this week ..
    Who gave you the tip about China Town had a GREEEEEAT idea, and you have a Dumpling place (close to China Town and Little Italy) BUT HAS TO BE a specific one. There are TONS ‘uhun’ there. The Carnegie “deli” is a killer tip also. Alyssa … looks you are a nyorker (like be … I mean, a brazilian radicated here).
    Of course you guys will end visiting B&H right?
    Will be 2 blocks from Javis Center!
    Adorama is a must for phototgraphers also.
    This week there is a (FREE!!!!!) exposition at Scholl of Visual Arts taht you can not loose!
    Walk all Bleecker Street and get more than ideas for your next pictures/workshops … and prepare the wallet, but in a good way: singles (tons of 1 dollar bills) there are TONS of good deals all over!
    BROOKLYN BRIDGE … thisweek will be 60 in some point … so go at night … greeeeeeeat lights!
    Maybe you can run into John Mayer filming again there!
    Need a personal guide? Let me help you guys! Send me an e-mail and I’ll be more than happy to help! Otherwise, we’ll meet at PDN!
    Take care “the-most-Gray-colorful-couple”! ;-).

  • MelissaF

    I’ve never been to NY so I guess no souvenir for me! Have a great time. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  • Mike Cowart

    Dude.. You. Have. Got. To. Go. To. The. LAND O’ PHOTOGRAPHY – B&H! OMG. Totally amazing place to see it LIVE & in ACTION! It’s like Willy Wonka On Crack with a Camera! Check it out downtown!

  • Alyssa

    There is a southern “soul food” restaurant in the Village called The Pink Teacup. The walls are literally covered in headshots of famous people who’ve eaten there. They have the best blueberry pancakes I have ever put in my mouth.

    And while you’re in Central Park, be sure to find the Literary Walk- I’m sure it’s absolutely beautiful in the fall, but it’s so picturesque at any season.

    Have fun!

  • Amanda

    MOMOFUKU NOODLE BAR. It’s so amazing. Order the Pork Buns and you will be in heaven!

    Also, please hit up the International Center for Photography. It is amazing. I don’t think the Avedon exhibit is there anymore, but it’s a great place to visit.

    MoMA of course, if you have time, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Also, stroll through Central Park: this is so the time of year for New York! Paris owns Spring, but New York owns Autumn!


  • Justin Wright

    you guys should hang out with this guy named Justin Wright because he is going to be up there for the conference too! : )

  • Iz

    Upper West Side! Just stroll, stop in any coffee shop, grab a PinkBerry!, have breakfast anwhere in the ‘hood. Columbia Ave – anywhere in the upper 60’s-70’s

    Do NOT go into Central Park after dark. (I know you want to – don’t do it.) Other than your carriage ride (which isn’t really INTO to the park, just periphery), don’t venture IN unless it’s daylight. (then you’re totally fine)

    Download NYC Subway map onto your iPhone before you go – you won’t be sorry! (app store has it free)

    See a show on Broadway! Get 1/2 price tickets day of show at the TKTS booth in Times Square.

    If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, stay here: (at least go inside and gawk at the lobby.

    Also recommend Int Center for Photog + Museum! – Great stuff!!

    I LOVE the suggestions for China town, B&H, and street shopping!

    Do a romantic tourist thing and take a harbor cruise after dark – just pick a clear night. (I know, natives don’t do that sort of thing, but this is your first trip, Zach! See the lights!)

    Also recommend hiring a limo or Towncar one night. Yes, it is REALLY expensive. But you can get into a limo, tell the driver you want to go to the hottest night club in town and you will be ushered past the line stretching around the block and straight in. They know the City well, and are happy to tell you tidbits about their town) Also, if shopping, you don’t have to carry your finds around- the driver will meet you at the door and take care of everything. It’s NICE.

    People watch in Washington Square.

    Go to the Shake Shake in Madison Square Park on 23rd & Broadway/5th after dark for ice cream. Yum!

    You won’t be sorry about anything you do here- Even just walking the streets is an adventure! I’m sad I didn’t know you were coming- I’d have cleared my scheudule and come into town to play. (I’m just upstate a wee bit) Have FUN!! I can’t wait to hear your adventures!

  • Alyssa

    In response to Carlos Bruno, my thoughts exactly on the Tavern and the carriage ride, but I didn’t want to discourage you from at least trying it first. However, there are so many better places to eat in NYC and for so much less. If anything, I’d say to just stop by the Tavern to look at its amazing gaudiness in all its glory. ;) Also, central park is best seen and photographed when walking. And, although I wish I were a New Yorker, I’m a simple Carolina girl, who loves the big city. :)

  • Gabby

    Okay here’s what you should do…from a New Yorker. I agree with some of these comments that there are many other places to eat that are better and cheaper than the Tavern, but it is a NY landmark and I think if you can afford it you should go for it! It’s an experience! There’s also a great diner called the Starlight Diner in time square where all the waiters and waitresses dance and sing! Its really fun! You should def. check out a broadway show and get tickets at the TKS booth! if you see a matinee it will be much cheaper too!I would def. check out Chinatown (take the subway to cannal street) for cheap desiner bags, belts, perfume, pashmina’s, etc. FAO Schwartz is also fun! You can see the big piano from the movie “Big” and check out all the amazing toys they have there! Go see ground zero for sure! You will gain a new appreciation for all the people who gave their lives when you see the rubble that is still left behind. It basically just looks like a huge constructions site, but you can just imagine 2 of the tallest buildings in the city sitting right there. Go climb the empire state building and check out the rainbow room and NBC studios! There is so much more you can do, if you want to know anything else or get lost while you are there just call me!

  • Gabby

    Oh and def. take a carriage ride through central park at night! It’s romantic!

  • ericamay

    Jeff and I just went to NYC in August. It was incredible. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Skip the long lines at the Empire State Building and instead do the “Top of the Rock” at Rockefeller Center. There is no wait usually, you’ll have a much better view of Central Park and the Empire State Building will be IN your skyline view, which is really cool. Top of the Rock also has three levels of platforms. It was an amazing city view — go in the morning if you can, before it gets very hazy!
    2. Spend an evening in Brooklyn. There’s an area called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), and it’s a little park/strolling area next to the water just across from Manhattan when you cross the bridge. It had gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline, and is a relaxing way to be away from the chaos but still marvel at the immensity of the city! Brooklyn had some amazing restaurants, too! You can also stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is romantic at night!
    3. If you have time for a Broadway show, In The Heights is a new and fantastic show. The music and dance us diverse and the story is a great one!
    4. Washington Square Park is so much fun at night, with all of the live music and locals who hang out there. Being there felt like home. :)

    Okay, that’s all I have for now! Whatever you do, you’ll enjoy it. It’s such an awesome place!

  • ash

    IF YOU WANT CHEAP BROADWAY SHOW TIX got to the TKTS booth (it’s on Broadway and like 46th, right in the middle of Times Square). They have DAY OF tickets at like 40-60% off the normal price. I think it opens at like 3pm. so if you have a couple flexible evenings, you can drop by and see if they have tix for a show that nite that you want to see. They almost ALWAYS have Mary Poppins tickets. That’s what we did and it was AMAZING. They day we went, they also had Phantom of the Opera and like 6 others. So you have some to pick from . You can check out their website and they’ll tell you the likelyhood of having certain tickets.

    Also – 9th street has great eateries. A local told us you could eat your way through the world over there, and I believe it! Check it out – the same blocks as time square (so like 40th-50th or whatever it is).

  • Jody Gray

    Ah!!! Gosh, I think we need to stay like an extra week or two!!! Man, so much to do! Great ideas peeps! Have no idea how we will narrow down what to do! :o/

  • Tammy Molnar

    our favorite h&m is there! sooooo if you love to shop & love h&m…you should def stop by! 3 stories of goodness! i believe this is the correct addy…640 5th Ave & 51st Street. have fun!

  • Iz

    BTW, if you do something fun from my list and I win your souvenier- I’d prefer a photo of the City over a snow globe. It’s cheaper for you, too! Just email it- don’t even have to print. :) The view from DUMBO would be ideal- that was a GREAT suggestion! Don’t miss out on Brooklyn.

  • Lora Carr

    hey there! Great to meet you at Expo today. My favorite restaurant in the city is Pompano 209 E 49th between 2nd & 3rd. Modern Mexican without the hype. Then hit the Whisky Bar at the W hotel a few short blocks away. Have fun!

  • twilight at morningside

    There’s a lot of love for the (relatively new) High Line, a west side elevated railroad turned green space. I know there is general sogginess on the way, hope you can still check it out between rain drops.

    Hope you’re having a blast in the Big Apple. There’s a little something for everyone! Tonight we’re out in search of the perfect old world cocktail… Pegu Club and Macau Trading Co.

  • james

    Take the Staten Island Ferry while in NYC. It is free and had a great view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty..