Destination: New York, NY! Help plan our Trip for this Week!

Jody and I are headed to NY this Wednesday and we are pumped!  Believe it or not, this is the first time that I will actually get to set foot in New York, NY!  We are headed there because Jody and I are going to the biggest photography expo in the world called the Photo Plus Expo. More than 27,000 photographers came out to this thing last year and more than 300 photography companies will be showcasing their newest gadgets and gizmos. The biggest speakers in the world will also be there from Joe Buissink and Zach Arias to David Jay. Jody and I have been asked to speak at the Westcott booth (who we are sponsored by) and are super excited!

We have also booked a little time to ourselves and will be taking a carriage ride through Central Park and then eating at the Tavern on the the Green restaurant. Yum!!

Sooooo…We would love any other ideas that anyone that has been to New York may have about cool things to do, so chime in and give us some fun places that we MUST visit while we are there! And for some incentive, if you give us a great suggestion AND we go and do it, then we will send that first person who mentioned it on the blog an official New York souvenir!!! So let us know what to do and you just might be celebrating Christmas with a sweet Big apple snow globe!! Be sure to leave us your name and a link to get a hold of you if you comment!

For those that are wondering what shoots are coming up next, here is a little sneak peak to wet your appetites!! And for those car enthusiast who are wondering, yes, this is a phat Bentley!