Don’t Just Survive the Slow Season | Tog Tools Podcast


We recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Tog Tools about how to do more than just keep your business moving even when things are slow.

Back in 2008 when we were still photographing weddings full-time, we were in the process of building our brand, all while the nation-wide economy was tanking. We only knew one way to build a business, and that was when economically, we should have failed. We didn’t just survive that year, but we thrived and made our first 6-figure earning year!

In this podcast we will share some of the lessons that we learned including:

  • Why you should niche down to build a brand
  • Why being excellent is no longer compelling
  • How to create a new category to stand out
  • Why bootstrapping your photography business is the best approach
  • How to make a financial plan for the slow season
  • Why you should get in a Mastermind