Drew & Whitney – Destination Florida Wedding Photography: Carillon Beach, FL

We had the honor to be a part of the beautiful wedding of Whitney and Drew…  It wasn’t beautiful simply because it was in Florida, or because it was in the FABULOUS destination wedding local Carillon Beach Resort, or because we had a killer sunset on the beach to shoot photos of these guys… It was a beautiful wedding because of the couple.

We were drawn to Whitney & Drew’s story… how they both love the Lord… how they wanted to honor God in their relationship, the love and respect they have for each other, how they were so genuinely excited to be committing themselves to each other,  how they actually have two streets back in TX that cross each other bearing their names (if that’s not a sign, what is??) and of course, waaay long before Whitney even met Drew, she knew she wanted us.  We like a bride who knows who she wants :)

As mentioned, Whitney and Drew chose a destination wedding in Carillon Beach Resort, which has a designated staff and event space to solely handle Carillon Beach Weddings. Once we arrived there, we knew why they had made the choice.  The resort is beautiful, relaxing, and they have a staff there who is AMAZING (yay Victoria & Avis!)!!!  The wedding was absolutely perfect and the guest list was to match, with only their absolute closest friends and family attending – all who have been a part of their relationship and lives.  We cannot tell you how thrilled we were to be welcomed into this personal, intimate, and meaningful wedding celebration and capture it.

The weather the day before was cloudy and overcast (not to mention COLD!), but by the time their wedding day festivities began, the sun was shining down!  The photography highlight of the day was immediately after the ceremony ended, we rushed down to the beach (in the decked out golf cart :) to catch the last bit of remaining light, and as we made our way over the steps of the pier to the beach, we were met with the most BEAUTIFUL sunset.  Whitney & Drew ignored the windy chill and worked it in the 20 minutes of sunlight we had left to shoot in!   It was the most gorgeous sunset you have ever seen and exactly what they were looking for in their photos.  Love it!

It was a great day and we are SO excited to show you the images!!  For those of you still wondering if we travel – yes!  We do!  We love traveling, so do not hesitate to call us if you do not live in Tennessee! :)

To view Drew & Whitney’s images online once they go live, sign up for their online guest book.

Enjoy the images!

Drew holding his wedding gift for Whitney, getting ready to send it off to be delivered for his soon-to-be Bride!  We think she liked them… :)

And now Drew receiving Whitney’s gift to him!

LOVE these guys and their excitement in finally being married.  We don’t think they stopped smiling all day!

And now, killer sunset…

Off to warm up and celebrate!

Ok, here is the groom’s cake.  As you can see, Whitney & Drew are represented with the dogs they each have AND also the street sign that has their names on them back in Texas!!  Lol, this was tooooooooo cute.

After their exit, we went and shot around on the Carillon premises with all the lights they had turned on just for Whitney & Drew!  This would have been quite the challenge without our trusty video light and of course, Zach’s mad lighting skills.

Thank-you, Victoria for letting us shoot in your back yard!

Some of the awesome vendors from the day were:

– Accommodations & Florida Wedding Venue – Carillon Beach Resort. We cannot speak highly enough of Victoria and her team who were superb.
Townsend Catering – Donna and David Townsend.  This seriously was the most AMAZING catered food we have ever had in all of our travels.
Elegant Tents and Events –  Vicki Blount
Nouveau Flowers – Christina Springfield
Wedding Cake – Confections on the Coast

Florida was absolutly beautiful for a wedding.  If you could chose any place in the world to get married, where would you pick?  …I think we would go for Bora Bora… :)