Family Photo Fun – Nashville Family Photography

Jody and I donated a shoot to charity recently for the 2009 Bone Bash which raises money for the Nashville chapter of the Arthritist Foundation. A ton of awesome Nashville peeps came out to bid on different items for the charity and the Awesome Chris & Holly Baumgartner won a family session with us! We recently photographed them and their adorable son, Carter and had a blast! We headed to Franklin to shoot it up and had a ball with these guys! Their family is full of life and energy and boy were these guys photogenic!

Enjoy some of the images from the shoot!!

Are these two not the cutest?!

  • Betsy, La Vida Creations

    What a fun session! Super adorable family too. Looks like it was a lot of fun! That first one really made me smile ;-)

  • Jen Johnson

    I’m guessing this family is THRILLED. What a gorgeous set of images!!!

  • The Velvet Trunk

    Precious! Love these!! =)

  • Geoff Heith

    Love the road shot so awesome!

  • Holly W

    What a Great Looking family!

  • Emily Douglas

    Amazing how they captured the moment, I think I can audibly hear Carter laughing! Beautiful

  • Mike

    Wow great photos

  • Amanda Leeth

    Such a sweet family, and you captured them perfectly! Beautiful!

  • Amanda Leeth

    Such a sweet family, and you captured them perfectly! Beautiful!!

  • Michelle

    Gorgeous photos of a precious family!!

  • kristin kash

    love these, such great pics!

  • kristin kash

    great session!

  • Jon Williams

    I am Holly Baumgartner’s dad and I just viewed the shots of Holly, Chris and Carter and they were great!

  • Chase

    These pictures are priceless

  • T Wizda

    Really love the pics. Daddy and Carter looking at eachother-Great! and one of Mommy and Daddy only too! so beautiful!

  • Jennifer Morrell

    These are great pictures of a wonderful family!! Love the energy!

  • Fred Baumgartner aka Poppy

    Chris Baumgartner’s dad, Holly FIL, and JC’s Poppy. Great pic’s.

  • Amy Z

    Holls- I love these pics!! Carter is so precious! wished we lived in n’ville, would love to have these two take our pics!!

  • Lou Ann Twitty

    this is the best photography I have seen in a very long time. Great pics.

  • Scarlett James

    Wow!!! Those are great! Carter is such a little combo.

  • Corrie Baumgartner

    These are simply gorgeous! Those smiles are gorgeous. What great memories to keep forever. Love it!

  • claire

    what a great shoot you guys had!!! wonderful pics & Carter def. smiles like his daddy.
    Zach & Jody, thank you so much for donating the the AF for the silent auction. My 20mo. old daughter has arthritis & we are very grateful for your willingness to give to the organization! Thank you:)

  • Patricia Williams

    We loved the pictures. The photographers did a great job capturing the subjects in unique shots..

  • Melissa Williams

    GORGEOUS!! LOVE THEM!! Carter is looking more like Chris the bigger he gets :)

  • Ginny Corbett

    What a great session! You guys ROCK!

  • cassandra m

    AWESOME….I was happy & smiling just looking through the images….

  • Tammy

    Super pics, guys. Holly, you look like a model! (Well, you always did anyway!)

  • Tammy

    Great photos of the whole family!!

  • Patricia Williams

    I loved the pictures- Great action and adorable pictures of all of you- especially our grandson.

  • Jerrie Tacia

    The best thing about the photos ( other than the wonderful people in them) is that they are REAL—no obvious posing, no fake smiles…WONDERFUL SHOTS!

  • Peggy Drizd

    What cute pictures of a very special family! Carter is a little man on the go and his parents are happy to watch him do his thing!

  • chris

    great pics of your family! Grays,Thanks for donating your time & talent to the silent auction. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

  • Donna Laird

    Loved the black & whites. This photographer has a unique way of capturing the candid shot!
    great pics!!

  • Suzanne

    What amazing pictures, best photography I’ve seen. You all look great.

  • Patty Moreau

    Sweet! Those pictures are adorable and they came out great. They are a happy family.

  • Nikki Ickes

    Holly and Chris,
    What fabulous pictures! Some of the best family photos I have ever seen for sure! Just loved them!!
    Gregg, Nikki & Grant

  • Colleen Calhoun

    These pictures are great!!! What a beautiful family!!! :) Wonderful job!

  • carrie thompson

    GREAT photos! Thanks for supporting the Arthritis Foundation :) Don’t know how you will choose which photo b/c they are all amazing!

  • Stephanie Brasili

    These are wonderful….I love how playful they are and Carter looks like he’s having a blast!