Free off-camera flash webinar!

Come join us for this FREE off-camera flash webinar hosted by the amazing crew at Shoot Dot Edit!


We will be teaching you the 3 simple steps we take to shoot amazing off-camera flash images plus some other great flash info! Off-camera flash may seem a little intimidating, but after learning these steps, you will realize just how simple it really is and you will be amazed at the results you can get!

If you are tired of not being sure what to do when you have bad natural light, and are interested and excited to learn more off-camera lighting, then you should sign up and listen in to this webinar!

Just some of what you will learn in the live webinar will be:

#1. How to use small speedlights to create really cool portraits that look like they were shot in the studio.


#2. How to practically use more powerful off-camera lights to create portraits in tough natural lighting scenarios.


#3. How to get that super pro, ultra soft lighting you see on magazine covers with one simple trick anyone can do.


We hope you can join!

Sign up HERE for the webinar to learn this, and much more!! We can’t wait to see you guys there!!