FREEBIE During Reclaim your Life Month (week 2)

Happy Tuesday, friend! Welcome to week #2 of …


It has been great seeing everyone take up the #RECLAIMYOURLIFE challenge and post your photos and share what you are going to reclaim! (If you missed the challenge, view last week’s newsletter here and take part!).

This week we want to focus on a key part in reclaiming your life and we even have a FREEBEE for you!



The key to Reclaiming Your Life is SYSTEMS!

W. Edwards Demming from his book Total Quality Management says,

“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”




When we create SIMPLE systems to follow in our business, it FREES us from it!


Because a SYSTEM is fixed and consistent. We know exactly what to do, how long it takes to do it and therefore we don’t waste time! It’s all about efficiency.

Imagine if you could take your client inquiries (client emails you, you email back, you answer some questions, you try to set up a meeting, you hope to book them at that meeting and on it goes), and simplify that entire process into a set of systems that allow you to spend HALF the time doing it?

One Solution to streamline this process: instead of writing the emails every time, have the emails pre-written so you can simply change a few personal details and then send the email on.

Now, that you have made a system, you won’t be wasting as much time composing emails, and you now can take the time you saved and do something MUCH more important.



Jody and I realized back in 2007 that a MAJOR problem in our business was creating the timeline for the wedding day. There was a lot of information we needed to gather, including the following:
Locations (getting ready, ceremony, reception)
Travel times between each location
Times for events bride & groom had already set
Desired family photos
Any awkward family situations
Wedding party names
… and the list goes on!

We would shoot emails back and forth with the bride and groom getting details, get on Mapquest and find out travel distances and ask question after question to only forget something last minute (not to mention, spending a LOT of time gathering this information. It was super FRUSTRATING!).

Finally, we created a system and our Client Management Questionnaire was born! We send the questionnaire to the bride, which gets us every single detail we need all at once with the click of a button!


SO much simpler! This removed about 5-6 hours of work from each wedding that we NEVER had to do again.



Find a friction point in your business (editing workflow, lead tracking, vendor relationships & follow up, education and implementation like reading business books and applying them, wedding day timelines etc.), and write down every single step you need to take in order to accomplish that task. Then, look over the system and find out HOW you can make it MORE efficient.



For 24 hours only, we are giving away our 52 Question Client Questionnaire PLUS accompanying video!


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Have a fabulous week, everyone, and stay tuned for next Tuesday’s #RECLAIMYOURLIFE tip!