Friday Finds | 2 Blokes Designs

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Friday Finds from the last year for us all to review!” 

Welcome to this week’s Friday Find..REVISITED!

Friday Finds are ALL about us finding great new software, social media tools, gadgets, gear and companies that can help your photography business be better, look slicker, run faster and be more competitive in the market place.

For those of you who are looking to have a professional website and have no idea where to start, today’s find is for you!


We would like to introduce to you 2 Blokes Design!

We had the privilege of spending of a few days on the road getting to know Jason, one of the co-founders of 2 Blokes Design. He’s a super kind, genuine guy and has a great heart for people. 2 Blokes fully comprises of Jason, his business partner, Dillon and their support team, their lovely wives Shelby and Emily (the 2 Blokes cheering squad :).


What Makes 2 Blokes Design Special:

– Jason can beat anyone in a freckle count challenge

– Dillon has challenge Jason many times, but has been met with failure on each account

You can have a custom website designed in one day! Click the link for more information on their One Day Process

– They specialize in Showit websites

– Their business is built around serving and community (Jason and his Wife will be heading overseas for 3 months to serve at a non-profit coffee shop. Read more on their story here)

– So much more that you’ll have to discover on their site!


Featured Designs of Theirs:

Leanne Marie (Pennsylvania wedding photographer – she owns a school bus!)


Courtney Walton (A senior photographer in Texas – she’s a chocolate addict)


Stephanie Osterman (a maternity photographer in Canada)


Even more excitement – Watch them LIVE!!

Jason & Dillon will be doing a Live website critique [ a free service they do live to share some tips with people who are interested in getting their site checked over and how to make it better] on Nov. 2nd at 12 noon CST on Mark your calendars and watch live!

Head on over to 2 Blokes Design and you won’t be disappointed :)

Happy Friday!!