Friday Finds | Evernote


Friday Finds..REVISITED! Evernote is a way to capture anything in your life and save it.

Evernote allows you to then easily search for anything in your life that you need to reference later!  For running your photography business, you can create projects and check them off as you go (and share them with anyone else on your team), digitally save all of your receipts by simply snapping a photo with your iPhone camera, you can capture ideas, web pages, and more and save them all as notes to look at later, and of course you can record all of your typical notes inside this system. You can ideas, facebook posts and even tweets. You can even scan in all of your documents (contracts, social security papers, birth certificates, tax returns – EVERYTHING) right into Evernote and have a completely paperless life! Now, everything you have is all in one place, digitally secured, and accessible at any time.


Check out the new Evernote Business  if you have a large team working with you so you can easily share docs and data with each other while you work, while also keeping your private notes private.