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Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Finds… REVISITED! Allow us to introduce you to Fotolanthropy! I (Jody) met Katie Norris, one of the founders of Fotolanthropy at Pursuite 31, a Christian women’s retreat I was at in October. I loved her story and her heart and what she and her business partner Brooke are doing to make a difference and knew their story and company had to be featured on our blog.

Meet Katie Norris and Brooke Moore, the two amazing women behind the brand that is making a difference, Fotolanthropy. Founded in 2011, Fotolanthropy is a nationwide movement of photographers and filmmakers working together to capture inspiring true stories through photography and film. We love how their heart is to bless families/individuals that have faced trials and give them a platform to share their story across the world so that others may be blessed by their inspiration. So cool!

How it started (in Katie’s words):

Everything changed on a busy July morning of 2011. I was preparing for a shoot when I received a phone call from a tearful mother. She was calling to ask if I would photograph James, her 8-month-old son, who had just been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. She knew his treatment would cause him to lose his hair, and was desperate for me to photograph her baby boy. My world stopped as I listened to her and, in that moment, I found the courage to tell her what I hoped to do through pictures and film. We quickly teamed up with a filmmaker and were able to capture the most beautiful footage and images of James with his parents. He got his wings a few weeks later and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and his family. The first Fotolanthropy short film was created to honor James’s life, paving the way for mine.

(Click here to read more about James’ story)

In addition to having the stories of these families captured, Fotolanthropy has partnered with KISSbooks for each family to receive an album of their story as a keepsake as a gift (just another reason why we love KISS so much!).

Do you want to be involved? Do you want your photography to make a difference in lives? Here’s how you can help Fotolanthropy!

• They need professional photographers and filmmakers from all states so that they can create more stories. (Apply here to become a FOTOcrew member!)

• Not a photographer or filmmaker? You can still make a difference! An easy way to support them is to purchase a Fotostrap: The Camera Strap that Gives Back to Fotolanthropy. The Fotostrap is a fashionable camera strap, made of genuine leather, monogrammable and offers 13 colors to choose from, which makes it the perfect gift! Fotostrap generously donates a portion of each sale to Fotolanthropy.

• You can help in a BIG way by becoming an advocate for Fotolanthropy by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter, posting their links and videos, and spreading the word to your family and friends!

Nominate a story for Fotolanthropy to tell! Know someone who has a story that should be told through the beauty of photography and film? Someone who would be blessed to be given the gift of lasting memories? Tell Fotolanthropy about them!


More work by Fotolanthropy:

(Above: Sgt. Travis Mills and his family.Sgt. Travis Mills who was serving in Afghanistan in April when he was critically injured by an IED bomb, which caused him to lose both of his arms and legs. He has been an incredible inspiration to others. Keep an eye out for his film coming in the next couple of months!)

What a cool thing to be a part of… May this inspire you and encourage you to use your gift to bless the lives of others.

Stay tuned for next week’s Friday Finds!