Friday Finds | Memory Vault

When you are looking to create value in a product that you are selling to your clients, one way help do that is by differentiating your product line. We all know that having all of the images from your wedding, engagement or senior shoot is important to have, but because most of us deliver that on a DVD, clients tend to devalue that in part because they know how much a DVD costs to produce (nothing). So we dress up those little terds by putting them in nice leather DVD cases and printing our studio name on the cover. But the client sometimes still has a hard time swallowing the price point. We know that the value is in our art and not the actual DVD, but since our clients are not artists, they can have a hard time understanding that. The reality is, the client is always right and if they think your disk of images is worth $10, then it is since that is what they are willing to pay!

So, one way to get your client back tracking with you is to differentiate by simply packaging your product in a different way, then selling them on a BENEFIT of this new “product” that you are offering.

Introducing the Memory Vault by Sandisk. The Memory Vault is simply a small USB 2 hard drive that you can put all the clients final images on. It could sound similar to a DVD, just more expensive. So what is the benefit to your client? The benefit is that it preserves memories for 100 years. Pretty sweet benefit! :)

The average DVD lasts between 2 and 7 years before it completely deteriorates and therefore your client loses their images. But the Memory Vault is just what it’s called – a vault for your clients memories that lasts for 100 years. So even though there is a slightly higher costs on your end, it’s worth it if you can consistently sell that product for a profit as clients continue to devalue commodity style products.

Any time that a product you sell starts to become mainstream and easily accessible to a consumer (think prints) it is time to start differentiating your offerings. So check out the Memory Vault from Sandisk, because we believe that you can sell more “disks of images” using this as a deliver device!