Friday Finds!! Our favorite Sling-over Camera Bag | UNDFIND

“We are taking time off awaiting baby Gray, but have put together our favorite Friday Finds from the last year for us all to review!” 

Welcome to this week’s Friday Find..REVISITED!

Happy Friday!

Today we want to share one of our latest finds with you that we absolutely LOVE!!!!! If you are looking for a camera bag for yourself or a friend, this may be exactly what you are looking for!

A few months ago we got the One Bag and Waist Shooter from UNDFIND and it is by far our favorite new bag to carry our lenses in when we take them out from our Think Tank roller camera bag.

What makes UNDFIND’s One Bag the bomb-dot-com:

It’s an all-in-one bag: I (Jody) love the versatility of the bag.  If I don’t want to use it as a camera gear carrier, I can take out the center part (photo insert) and put books, my travel pillow, snacks – whatever I want!  This has become my travel bag whenever we go anywhere!  Once we start shooting it transforms back into a camera bag.

The multiple pockets: I love how there’s a space for my wallet, pens (yes, this gets me very excited ;o), and other nooks and crannies. There is even a netted cover on the flap where I can put MORE stuff.  I love pockets :)

Comfort: The shoulder strap is awesome!  It’s not only padded well but also has give to it when I walk. Love, love, love.

Different Looks: Of course here are swappable DESIGNER covers!!

Different Size Options: You can get the One Bag 10“, One Bag 13” or One Bag 15” (this is the one we have).

What we love about UNDFIND’s Waist Shooter:(This is the bag that we both want the most during a wedding :))

The Size: I love that there is a smaller solution to carrying the One Bag!  This bag has two slots which are absolutely perfect for small shoots, or we personally love it when we are shooting the ceremony.  Often Zach and & are separated during the ceremony.  We’re both moving around in our respective areas but I only need one extra lens (say the Canon 16-35mm) to grab a wide shot, but I don’t want to carry the lens around in the crook of my arm or set it on a pew and forget about (which I am notorious for!).  This is a fabulous solution!

Different wears:  You can wear this on your belt or with a shoulder strap!


So many things we love about these bags we could go on and on.  But seriously, they are such a great fit for what we do and our lifestyle.   So what are you waiting for? Check out UNDFIND for yourself!

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