Friday Finds | Packing Pro

Welcome to this week’s Friday Finds…REVISITED! Have you ever been on your way to a shoot, and en-route, you realize that you forgot something critical to the session like your CF cards, your reflectors, or some small adapter that makes your entire light rig work? We have!! There is no worse feeling on the planet then leaving something behind and trying to get the job done without an important piece of gear. Well the good news is, for only $2.99 you can solve that problem forever!! Introducing, Packing Pro!



All you have to do, is download the App from the App Store, open it, then create a new list and give it a name like “Wedding Gear.” I like to create one list for our camera gear, then one for our computer bag gear for doing our slideshows at the wedding since I pack all that gear separately.


Next, just press the + button to add something to the list! That’s it! Go through every single piece of gear you bring to weddings or your other shooting gigs (down to extra batteries and every small detail) and simply check it off as you pack. Then, just uncheck everything to use the list again. Also, once you create a list, you can copy it and add a few things for a specific trip you may be taking that has alternate or added gear for that one trip. You can date the list, edit it and make adjustments at will.

It’s an extremely simple program, but one that helps you feel way more relaxed when you’re on your way to a shoot. This is one program that we use constantly and has helped us to never forget anything for a shoot! Check it out HERE int the app store!