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Welcome to this week’s Friday Finds..REVISITED! Introducing; Shoot and Sell. (The name says it all)


How would you feel about adding $500 to each and every session you shoot by doing a very small amount of work? How valuable would it be to you to simply offer your clients something that they might purchase and have a high chance that they will each time you do?

One of the toughest things you face when starting out shooting weddings or portraits, is how to sell products to your clients AFTER you shoot their gig. If you can’t afford a studio space (which is tough for most photogs) and you don’t want to meet in your home, then selling after the shoot can be super hard. We always say that you “sell what you show” and you have to find a way to help your clients visualize what their home could look like if YOUR images were hanging on their walls. If you don’t show it, chances are they will never buy it.

Well, the problem is solved with this simple app!! With this app, you can take images that you actually shot from their session, and put them to scale on THEIR walls! How cool is that? You can have them send a pic of their space, or better yet, do a consult with them at their home and snap a pic of their actual wall, then put THEIR images on the wall space at actual scaled sizes! You can also put their images on a wall that looks similar to one they have with the pre-built demo walls in the app itself.

Here is what you need:

iPad 1 or newer

Pics from their shoot

Pics of their space (optional)

That’s it!

Here is what we suggest you do if you want to sell with this app.

Option 1:

  • When you book your client for the gig (wedding, portrait or other) tell them in that meeting that “after we shoot your session and the images are ready, we would LOVE to come out to your home and show you some of the pics on our iPad and show you what they could look like hanging on your walls!”
  • Then, about a week before the session, remind them again in an email that you would love to come and show them pics after the shoot.
  • The DAY AFTER you shoot the session, tell them AGAIN that you are working hard on the images, and that your clients always love to see them in-person after the session at their home. (Tell your clients what your going to do, tell them again, then do it).
  • Once the pics are done (and get them done fast!) call and set up a time to come to their home and utilize this tool.
  • Go to their house, take an image on your iPad of their wall space (only iPad 2 and 3 can shoot pics, so if you have an iPad 1, shoot it with your phone and share it with your iPad 1 over wi-fi), and put their pics on the wall using the app!
  • Then, sit down right there and then and talk through the pricing of what you just showed them, close the sale, and take their order. Use the Square app on your smart phone to take the payment!

Option 2:

  • If you don’t want to go through that sales process, you can simply ask them for a pic of their wall space (or use a template in the app) and design (with the built-in designs) what having images on their wall could look like.
  • Email them the pics through the app
  • Here is the key to selling it when you don’t go to their home – offer a small discount that is TIME-SENSITIVE. Like “here is what your pics could look like in canvas on your wall! If you order this design within 15 days, you can get it for 15% off.” Clients love getting deals and having an incentive to purchase, so give them what they want! Your chance of making the sale increases tremendously and everyone wins.
  • Be sure to give them the option of picking whatever images they prefer if they want to change the ones that you put into the design.

When we started showing our images in person, our first session sold $3,500 in product after the wedding was over, which doubled what we made. If you can add just 15 to 20% to your bottom line using this method, then how much is that worth to you to be able to do that?

If you rented a space to meet clients and sell, like we did back in the day, you could spend between $400 and $1,200 a month. You can buy this app, do in home or email out sales, and pay $79. ONCE! Even if you don’t own an iPad, and had to buy a used iPad 2 for $399, you would pay less then once months rent to have the option of making thousands per year.


We are going to rate every product that we review, and so is this a BUY, a MAYBE or a DUD product? It’s a BUY!


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