Friday Fun | A Home Built For 3

Jody and I decided about 3 months ago to sell our house and build (to read more about how it happened, CLICK HERE), and are excited to share some updates!

Just 2 weeks ago, we were just getting the permits re-approved for our foundation adjustments and went out to the house with some friends and snapped this shot.

This is us standing in the garage with some of the foundation in the background. Then, the framing crew came in and as we went out to the house yesterday to have a little date night and fly our paper airplanes, we took this below image.

I never thought I would call a framing crew “artists” but after reading Seth Godin’s book The Icarus Deception, I realized what a narrow view of art I really had. When you start with a blank slate and are looking through plans and trying to make changes to accommodate what you want in a home, you start to see what a true art building something like this really is. And all of us are working towards building something. Whether it be a family, a house, a portfolio or a great business. The key thing is to realize:

1. That we are all artists no matter what we are trying to create (and it is important for us to know that truth)

2. Art is important for the world. 

We need to be out creating something that others can enjoy and find life in. It seems like the guys that build our house are just going from home to home and doing the same old thing day in and day out. The reality is that they are highly skilled artists and are able to create something that is really beautiful that deserves a high amount of respect.

As the team started framing, Jody and I spent one of our afternoons going out and buying a variety of drinks, getting ice and ice-bins and then taking them all out to the crew. We know that they get paid to do this, but we wanted to thank them first hand and let them know how much we appreciate them building something for us. We are going to raise our kids here, help other photographers and families here, and continue to build our lives here and those guys need to be appreciated for what they are doing for us. It does not matter what kind of wood and how big a house is, but what really matters is what happens inside of it. We plan to have a whole lot of life happening inside this home and can’t wait for some of YOU to join us in it. :)

As we launched our paper airplanes out of the open bonus room window, our lives at our home just began.

So, what areas of “art” that many of don’t consider art, are you thankful for? What area of art in your life are you MOST excited about creating to share with others? Leave COMMENT below and let us all know!