Friday Fun! A house warming burger?

We love the west coast. We love the ocean, the palm trees the excitement of all the cool and different cities that are out there, but most of all, we LOVE IN-N-OUT Burger!

For some really lame-o reason they are no In-N-Out burgers anywhere near Nashville, so every time we are out on the west coast the first and last thing we always do is hit up the best burger joint known to man. Some of our friends out there, namely Jeff & Betsy McCue of La Vida Creations, happen to know how much we love it and miss it, so they sent us the best house warming gift that anyone could ever send! Paraphernalia from IN-N-OUT!

They sent us a hat, pencils, and even a guide to eating IN-N-OUT! It was soooo awesome! Now if they could just get a burger sent by UPS, that would be something! :) I wonder how we can incorporate this into the design of our new place? Hmmm… Maybe lick-able burger-flavored wall paper?

Thanks guys! You the best!

So, what is your absolutely favorite burger place of all time? Let us know and we might have to just check it out and see if it can hold a candle to IN-N-OUT!