Friday Fun – A Little Bit of Mac in Our Lives… Enter the iPhone!

Alright all you Mac fan boys out there… you can rejoice, we bought our first big Mac product (we don’t think iPods TOTALLY count and it is funny that we said Big Mac).  We broke down and bought iPhones!

Yes, it’s true.  We have been with Sprint for almost 9 years and had a killer phone bill payment plan! Unfortunately,  Sprint was just lacking with their coverage (well, AT&T isn’t much better…), customer service (big time!), and the phones they offered.  One of our bigger conversion factors was trying to get more connected and interactive with different social media outlets like Twitter and FaceBook which can be a huge part of growing one’s business (and has been for us), but have been a bit limited while out of the office and out of town with our interaction that we have been able to have due to our sucky phones.

So right before we headed to PartnerCon we switched over and have been digging it so far!  (Yes, Heather & Eugene, you were right…).

We’re actually tweeting more often, responding to direct messages (woo hoo) and tweeting back to peeps.  Amazing.  We know.

People say this may be the beginning of our (94.5 percent of the market share) PC to (6.5 percent of the market share) Mac conversion but we don’t think so.  Sorry to disappoint.

And here they are!

Ahh… and we have matching cases in “his” black and “her” blue. Is that not cute or what?

What do you love about your iPhone?  For those of you in business, what about the iPhone has made your business better? I personally love the fact that my text messages are all saved together by person in a conversation so I can remeber what I said to who!