Friday Fun | A Sneak Peek into our New Home!

You know how we are all about sneak peeks of the wedding and engagement shoots we do, well we thought that it’s high time we do a sneak peek of our new home!

To catch some of you up, we started looking at buying a house the beginning of the year and to make a LONG story short, we finally found the perfect fit for us and closed March 1st! We showed one picture on our moving in blog, but have yet to show the final, moved in, and decorated house! ….

Sorry, that’s not happening yet, BUT we do want to give you a little sneak peek into what we have been doing for the last 3 months to our home (thanks to our FAB interior designer, Colman Interiors). in the middle of our traveling and running a business and having lives, lol.

We are super pumped with how our home is turning out and we can’t wait for the official blog unveiling! lol. It HAS been really fun having a place that we can call our own and do whatever we want to it! Not to mention, actually having SPACE… it’s a beautiful thing and we are so blessed.

Thanks for sharing in our excitement with us :)

  • Latrice – Opulent Couturier

    Loving the texture!!!

  • Jennifer Henry

    Such a tease!!! When can we expect the unveiling!? I want to come by when I come up to see Little Baby Butcher! Let’s plan on a get together then!

  • MelissaFoscardo

    Aw, man! You should’ve called this a “teaser”!! Can’t wait to see what all of this peeks are attached to :-)

  • amy

    ha – funny thing is, i can name where all those things are just by the little snippets! i should be in a line of work that calls for attention to detail… ;)

  • allisonmay

    what a tease!!

  • Zach and Sarah

    The suspense is killing me! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!-Sarah