Friday Fun – Battle of the Sexes

Zach I enjoy getting together with other couples and having some tasty dinner, hanging out and playing games… though it CAN get a bit competitive at times when I feel the need to beat Zach every now and then and keep him humble! :)

One evening we went over to Paul & Laura‘s house, a former Bride & Groom of ours, for a delicious dinner and a round of the awesomely fun game, Cranium WOW.  We had a great time, though I honestly can’t remember who won… probably the girls :)

At certain points in the game, there is what’s called a Club Cranium, where both teams compete at the same time (in this case it was drawing).  You have one person from each team sketching for the other player on their team trying to get them to guess what it is that they are drawing.  The only catch is the one who is drawing is doing so WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED.

So get your game player big boy pants on and play along!! Here we go with a Club Cranium Senso-Sketch!!

Hint: Character

Drawing by the boys team: By the amazingly and artistically talented Zach “Flat Brush” Gray!

Drawing by the girls team: By Laura “Colour Shaper” Morris!

Obviously the girls won this one since Zach’s drawing looked like a vomiting mountain roach (I love you babe! :).  So, lets see who can guess the right answer!! What is it??