Friday Fun – Date Night at the Carnival!!!!!!!!

Zach and I have been married four and a half years and we still have date nights.  These are really important to us because it is so so SO easy to allow ourselves to get swept away into the busyness of life (especially with owning our own business).  There’s nothing better than making the effort to get out and do something different and have intentional fun with each other!

About a mile away from where we now live a carnival came into town, so we decided to go there the other night with our trusty ‘ol point and shoot camera (who wants to lug around one of our big ones?).

First, we were hungry so we paid $6 for an “Italian sausage” (so they said) but it tasted more like an Italian guy’s foot… we think it had been sitting there for awhile… it wasn’t that great :0/

Then, because it had been YEARS since I had had one, I thought I most definitely needed a CANDY APPLE!!

It was DEE-lish and got all stuck in my teeth and everything :)  I ate that bad boy up like Christmas dinner!

And of course, what’s going to a carnival and watching all the crazy people on the rides (yes, watching… not participating :) without a little popcorn goodness?

Watching everyone on the crazy carnival rides got us talking about making a trip to Cedar Point some time…. Oh my gosh, that would be SO fun!

Cedar Point is “The Roller Coaster Capital Of the World”  in Sandusky, Ohio and my family went there every summer growing up.  Now THAT place has some good (and safe, ha ha…) rides!

Ah, the memories!  I am a HUGE roller coaster lover (used to call them “rolley coasters” :) and I think it is definitely time to leave my stomach behind on some killer rides up North.

Check this video out of one of their roller coasters that have been added to the park since I have been!  Aw snap!!

If any of you want to road trip it there sometime… Oooh, maybe THIS summer! That would be a blast!  Roller coaster lovers and non-roller coaster lovers are welcome.  There is fun for all :)  Ha ha.

Ok, I’m done with my tangent :) Just got me excited there for a bit.  Lol.  Anyone else been to Cedar Point?  What’s your favorite ride?  Wanna go back?  I’m serious!  :)  For those of you who have yet to experience the goodness of Cedar Point, you need to.

I’ll leave you with our parting iPhone carnival photo…


  • d a v i d m o l n a r

    i am the first to comment! shucks you guys are such cuties!

  • ashleighgallegos

    The Maverick is absolutely wonderful. You definitely have to ride it twice- the first time to learn it (you get flipped back and forth a bunch) and the second time to fully enjoy it. You must go check it out!

  • Jacqueline Washburn

    Man does Cedar Point bring back a ton of memories. Nathan and I went there when we were datingon one of our trips to Michigan. It was a lot of fun. I can tell I’m old, I got dizzy just watching that video.

    Love you two!

  • Jamilah

    Ok, when I first met your site — I fell in love… but now that I know you guys are Cedar Point fans, I am definitely in love — and finally had to comment =) My husband & I are roller coaster fans also! The craziest, scariest ride is the Top Thrill Dragster! Waiting in line, I thought I was literally going to pass out — it looked sooo scary! But it turned out to be the –best — ride — ever! My husband and I are actually taking a road trip up north & are going to be in Ohio the end of June and we would totally be up for a Cedar Pointe trip! FUN!!

  • jan

    i’m not seeing a corn dog among the yummies…please tell me that you had a deep fried corn dog…looks so fun ya’ll!!!

  • kelly g

    You guys are so cute! Looks like a blast! I live not too far from Cedar Point, but I am a HUGE wimp and have never gone on coasters there.

  • kate

    roller coaster road trip!!!!!!!! ♥

  • Lindsi

    Maverick looks intense! My husband and I LOVE roller coasters…we’d love to go to Cedar Point sometime!

  • Ashleigh S

    OMG! Cedar Point is FAR AND BEYOND the best theme park in the US. I grew up about an hour from there and from the time I was a little until i graduate college in 2007, I was at CP at least 3 times a summer. The rides are Amazing! I now live in the Los Angeles area and people in SoCal think the rides out here are great. They are NOTHING compared to Maverick, Millenium Forse, Wicked Twister, Top-thrill Dragster, etc. etc. etc. LOL. They have such a selection and the panaramic views of the Lake from the top of every coaster adds to the fun. I HIGHLY recommend the trip for all of you Southerners! In the fall, they have “Fright Nights” for Halloween where the park is decked out in spooky grab and with fun attractions in addition the the rides. The park is less crowded and the scenery on the drive with the Fall Colors is great in early Oct. Also, in Sandusky, they have a 100,000 sq.ft. indoor waterpark that makes a fanatastic January break from the snow and dreary weather. Our whole family goes there every year during Christmas break for 82 degree water fun.
    Wow- I must really love Sandusky more than I thought to ramble on that long :-D

    • Jody Gray

      Ashleigh – lol! Girl, see you appreciate the Cedar Point goodness!! Ah, I wanna go!! No idea about the waterpark. So cool! What’s the name of it?

  • Souder Photography

    a date night to get away from what you do with your work doesnt count if—
    you take a camera along, take photos, and post them on your blog:) Meg and I are guilty of the same thing! its hard to put it down, but we have to. Makes it even more special

    • Jody Gray

      @Souder – that’s why we bring our point and shoot and not our “real” cameras so it doesn’t seem like work. We love to take pictures of whatever we do for the memories so in not bringing our real cameras it isn’t work to us. Then if we happen to decide to blog on it – awesome. If not, then the pics go in the treasure trove of our memories just for us :)

  • Chris Backe (AKA Chris in South Korea)

    Cedar Point is a lot of fun! I’ve only been once, but it was great. Re: Souder photography: agree that it’s hard to put the bug down – but there’s a lot less editing time :)

  • elizabeth pellette

    How fun… my hubby and I have a date night every sat. night my mom takes our 4 kids overnight and we get to hang out and connect.. its good for the soul..

  • Sara Jo Ferguson

    So i have been to Cedar Point like 5 times!!! i LOVE THAT PLACE!!! :) The Millineum Force is by far the best ride there. And the dragster is pretty fun too.. except it only lasts like 7 seconds because you go from zero to like 100 in 3 seconds haha!! it’s crazy fun though!!

  • Heidi @ Indy Photography

    hey, it’s heidi! you just started following me on twitter! and then i returned the favor! remember? yes? good.

    my husband and i would LOVE to meet you at cedar point sometime! :) we’re in Indy and we love meeting new people!

    ok, that’s a lie. only *i* love meeting new people. but he gets over it pretty quick and it would be a blast! ;)