Friday Fun | LipSyncing At Its Finest

Looking for a laugh for your Friday? Look no further.

We were a part of a video project that launched at WPPI 2011! This video was led by the Bui Brothers and a slew of photographers were also apart of it. Those who couldn’t make the shoot down in LA, recorded their own videos and submitted them. We pulled in Eugene & Heather from 2Duce2 to partake in our video and we had oh so much fun!!!!!!!!! We decided to not only show you the final video, but yes, share with you the one we created on the homefront…. He he he.. Enjoy!

Katy Perry Firework LipDub

And the fab photographers who were a part of the above video!

Kerry Garrison
Robert Evans
Christine Bentley
Roberto Valenzuela
Leeann Marie
Kevin Kubota
Dawn Davis
Bob Davis
Jim Garner
Sara France
Khara Plicanic
Erin Youngren
Jeff Youngren
Jody Gray
Zach Gray
Heather Brown
Eugene Brown
Kevin Swan
Justine Ungaro
Jay Goldman
Joy Bianchi
Jules Bianchi
Lauren Hillary
David Esquire
Corey Hage

And now, we introduce to you the unabridged video we created…. He he he he..

(for the record, seeing we knew this video was going to be a part of a grander video and overdubbed with audio, you get to hear the goodness of us chatting with each other behind-the-scenes… aw yeah).

Fun times :) :)

Thanks to Westcott for the use of their Spiderlite Pro TD5 and TD3.