Friday Fun | Making Travel Easier for Photographers

In honor of thousands of us all traveling to Vegas for WPPI, we thought that this Friday’s Fun Blog couldn’t come at better timing! Packing for Vegas can be tricky! From clothes for different climates, a variety of shoes and of course, camera gear, things can get interesting. As people who love our iPhones, iPads, and other electronic gear, it can be a challenge getting through the airport with all of our bags, while being able to text, email and have a 3 way call between friends all at the same time!

Fear no more! SkyMall has done it again and come to our rescue with this awesome, and oh-so-cool looking way to get around the airport HANDSFREE!

Introducing – The Helpy for only $29.99!

Strap on the harness, and turn your old-school “drag your bag with your hands” look, into the newest “now you look like a mule dragging your bag behind you with a creepy looking harness” look! It’s the most hip way to be cool in the airport and all the kids are doing it!

Thank-you Skymall for once again, making our lives better, while adding a bit of flair!

PS. How much would you have to get paid to use this? We DARE someone to get this bad boy and walk around the MGM dragging their rolling camera bag….. he he he…

  • Rich Park

    absolutely genius idea! haha!

  • Scott Miura

    HA! I just saw this same thing in Sky Mall last weekend when I was on Southwest and nearly took a picture of it keeping your blog topics in mind the entire time!!

    If I ever see someone with this (at WPPI or not) I will be sure to take a picture of it and send it to you! See you in Vegas!!

    • Jody Gray

      @Scott that is so funny you saw it and thought of us. Lol!

  • Sarah

    So funny! I was reading it on my flight from Salt Lake and thought of you guys when I saw that. I mean- there are so many logistical issues that would come along with that thing!

  • Michel

    this, sadly reminds me of the leather harness my mom strapped on me while our family ventured out into busy places; the mall, the fair, the park. there was me. in a harness. I guess I liked to run! so I’m sorry, although I really love the look and ease of the helpy I sadly will not be sporting one due to childhood flash backs. lol.. who would wear this?

  • Mike Colón

    hahahhaha.. it’s so we can all text and walk :)