Friday Fun | Our Boston, MA Adventures!

One week and a half ago we had the absolute pleasure to travel to Boston to shoot the awesome wedding of Brian & Soo and while we were there, we booked a hotel in the heart of Boston and spent two days visiting the city! We had a really fun time and wanted to share the photos with you all.

Thanks for all of your recommendations on what to do and see!! It was so helpful to have wedding guests giving us the low-down on where to go and even Brian & Soo on their HONEYMOON were texting us food suggestions and boy, we had a super fun time… even though it was a bit chilly :)

So thanks to the expertise of friend and fellow photog, Kristine Neeley, we did our first PriceLine booking and we got a Four Star hotel for a STEAL! We stayed at the Fairmont Battery Warf and check out our room!

This was our view from our window overlooking the harbor! Did we mention that was our yacht we rented for the week? … ha ha…. We wish!!

It wasn’t until a boat cruise that we took that we realized our hotel wasn’t resting on solid land!!! ah!

We of course took a trolley tour and that was so much fun!!!!… thanks in part to our awesome bus driver!

The trolley we were getting ready to go on!

Sporting our kick booty Trolley Stickers!

The trolley route!

The capitol building with hand-hammered gold roof made by none-other than the man himself – Paul Revere!

Taking a little stop in Quincy’s Market….

Come on, you know you always want to get your photo taken with these guys!

We got some yummy pot stickers from this place! Delish!

I think Zach has a scary resemblance to this dude!

Aw yeah…. The Jodster making some photo magic!

Our trolley tour took us by the Holocaust Memorial and we stopped off and were really moved… The 6 towers each represent 1 million Jews that were murdered.

There are numbers on each tower etched into the glass that stand for one Jewish man, woman or child.

There are one million numbers on each tower.

More of Boston!

What is exciting about the below photo is not only is it a Starbucks, but Paul Revere actually made this teapot of sorts and it actually steams!

We walked to Trinity Church off of one of our stops and paid admission for the “tour” which really is just getting to go inside the sanctuary… it was cool and soooo neat to see something that old!

Amazing art work on the outside of the church!

Here are some shots now from our Harbor Cruise!

Below is the USS Constitution, which sadly, was closed the day we were out and about, but it was cool to at least see from the water! This is the ship that was nick-named “Old Iron Sides” because it seemed as though cannon balls bounced off its sides. It was victorious in 33 naval battles!

After our water cruise we went back to the main hub of our Trolley Tour to get a photo with Vinny our Trolley guide. He was HYSTERICAL and if you get a City View trolley tour while in Boston, you have to get your tour with Vinny. He was the absolute BEST and made our tour experience amazing!!!!

As you walk the streets of Boston you will quite literally see a red line composed of either brick or red paint that is known as The Freedom Trail. This trail takes the Boston visitor to 16 historical sites and covers two and a half centuries of America’s historical past!

As recommended by our fab bride and groom we ate dinner at Giacomo’s!!! The food was good, though our server/I think he was the owner, was quite rude, which made the experience truly Boston! :)

Our ravioli was really good!!!!!

And of course we had to go to the “tourist trap” Mike’s Pastry!! The place was always packed!!


Yes, read below… Chocolate covered lobstertail… ew. :)

This is me with my box of goodies!!! Sadly, Zach couldn’t get anything due to his allergies :( My stuff was good though! :)

And that’s it, folks!!! Thanks for looking :o)

What’s the latest trip you took where you did some sightseeing or where do you WANT to go but have never been?