Friday Fun | Our California Adventures

Tuesday evening we just got back from a week of enjoying the west coast!! We hung out with friends in San Diego & Santa Barbara & the LA area, and also shot a beautiful wedding in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead.

We took a few pictures from our journeys with our point and shoot as well as iPhones and we wanted to share this little video goodness we made :)

Our California Adventures from Zach & Jody Gray on Vimeo.

  • Tim Halberg

    ah… kean coffee… smart

  • Mark

    Great vid! Thanks for sharing! BTW, great song as well – who’s the artist? I Shazam’d it on my iPhone and it didn’t come with a match.

  • Brandi

    Ahhh I’m glad you guys had an awesome trip! But ahem, it’s the west coast. ;) Haha.

  • Jen Johnson

    I’m sensing a theme here…food!

    PS – the Lazy Dog is literally five minutes from my house. ; )

  • TJ McDowell

    The burrito shot cracked me up. I’m going to take a guess here and say that the reason you had your head next to the burrito is probably because they described the burrito size by saying it was “as big as your head”. We have a place here in our area that has that as their claim to fame too.

  • Lindsi Rian

    Glad you had fun in the *west* coast and got you some IN-N-OUT!!

  • Paul Howalt

    Whoah! Do they give certificates of achievement upon finishing those burritos? (Awesome Choice on the Ryan Huston tune)

  • Doug

    Wonderful pictures! Good luck in the future!!!