Friday Fun | Our Latest Addiction Revealed

A few weeks ago we got introduced to this quick photo sharing app called Instagram and we love it!!

What is Instagram?
Instagram is a fast and fun way to (quickly) share your life with friends through images!

Why Instagram is cool:
#1. It’s free
#2. It lets you take iPhone photos and make them look awesome at the touch of the screen with all their cool filters (or you can shoot them in-camera! :)

#3.It allows you to easily look at the photos of your friends without having to click a link every time you want to see an image they may be referring to.
#4. It’s a great time killer (because we all have TONS of time to kill ;o)
#5. It’s simple to use.
#6. You can even link it to your Twitter and Facebook!

Check out some examples of how it makes images look awesome :)

It’s great, because with the fun filters your life actually looks cooler!! ;o)

Check out an Instagram we shared from the rehearsal that we were guests to last Friday…

…. yes, people, that is a tilt-shift filter :)

Once you post photos, your friends can like them and comment on them too, which is always fun :)

So go on your iPhone, and download the app from the app store and start posting all of your life’s goodness :) You can follow us by searching “GrayPhotography” and make sure to put your Instagram name below for others to see and follow!

Happy Friday!