Friday Fun | The Secret to our Youthful Looks… Sky Mall

The latest Friday Fun series that you will see here and there every few Fridays is inspired by our travels. Every time we get on a flight to go to some beautiful exotic location (like Wisconsin or Indiana) we love to get inspired on our route by picking up the brilliantly designed, and most informative magazine ever created by human hands – Sky Mall.

Are you ready to make your life better? If so, then read away!

Today we will be featuring an amazing tech gadget that every home should not do without – The Face Trainer by no! no!. If you are in need of a little toning around the chin section, if you have bags under your eyes, if your forehead is a bit wrinkly, then this might just be the new toy you need! Ever wonder how Jody and I keep our youthful, glorious faces so tight and wrinkle free? Wonder no more. You would never know that we both once had skin hanging down from our faces and had to pin up our cheeks with duct tape. No! No! longer! Let us present to you our little secret!

Do you want to look as happy as the women in the picture above? Then give it a try! Only $149!

What is your favorite gadget from Sky Mall? Let us know about something that changed your life because we all want to share in it!

  • Jennifer
    • Jody Gray

      @Jennifer – LOL!!!!!!!!

  • amy.lashelle

    bahh hahhah that is awesome! i need to go book a flight stat, so i can get me one.

  • Stephen Knuth

    BAHAHAHA!!! Does Zach slap the FaceTrainer onto his biceps too? :)

  • Sarah

    No joke- this is just like the face bra that Elaine invents on Ally McBeal. I’m currently watching season 2 on DVD otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recite such an impressive fact like that.

  • Ian Hamilton

    That’s hilarious! Wonder if they’ll ship to the UK for me? :)

  • Emily

    If only I were Muslim

  • Crystal Saylor

    that is tooo funny