Friday Fun – Toilet Training Our Now Named Kitty!

And for this week’s Friday Fun blog post we bring you…. (drum-roll please)…

Yes, it’s true.  We are going to be teaching our kitty how to use the toilet!!  It can be done, my friends!  We have ordered CitiKitty’s Cat Toilet Training Kit and are ready to start training our little buddy!

If you don’t believe us that this is possible, just check this video out (this is one of MANY on YouTube, so if you’re bored….).  For the faint of heart, feel free to skip to 1:00, and THEN skip to 1:14 for a special trick this cat can do!  Amazing..

Here is our kitty getting excited about using her new Toilet Training Kit! We leave this Saturday to go out of town for a week (no worries, we still will be blogging), so when we get back, the training will begin!

We know you all have been anxiously waiting to find out the name of our new kitty!  Due to the overwhelming response, we had it in our minds to name her Pixel and then we found out that when we actually called her, it didn’t work so well.  Then the crazy idea popped in our minds to name her…. (another drum-roll please)… …


Lame?  Maybe.

This is why we named her Starbucks:

– We (well, Zach more) love Starbucks, and we love our kitty!
– We can call her Star for short, which also happens to be the name of the leading lady in The Lost Boys (another um, interesting 80’s movie Zach is a fan of)
– She’s black like coffee, but sweet like coffee with cream (she has white cream-like hair in her armpits and a dab on her chest! How cute!)
– She has the faintest brown hair on her back that looks like brown sugar (are you putting this all together yet?)
– She has stars on her collar

So, in honor of the many votes placed for our new kitty, her official name is Starbucks Pixel Gray.

*Cheers* *Applause*

Wow, can you believe we have now posted twice on this cat, including a video of a cat doing its business?  We’re turning into those people who start treating their pets like their kids and get all weird about it…  ;o)  No worries though.  We feel that cat toilet training may be very interesting to people so we’ll at least have another blog and maybe even a video of her toilet attempts… as long as she’s not embarrassed by it… ha ha

PS. If any of you out there are looking to add an older, but stinkin’ cool cat to your family, our friend, Jill is needing to give-a-way hers… the cat is friendly, chill,meows when you sneeze, and even takes baths.. all true…

Contact Jill on her Facebook page for more info!