Friday Fun | True Confessions of a Starbucks-aholic

We like Starbucks.

Ok, we’re a bit addicted.


Have no real idea… but that’s besides the point…

Tax time has passed and so we have scoured our tax records and expenses and, thanks to Quickbooks, we can actually see how much we spent in 2010 at this coffee dig.

We thought we would bring you in on the fun (ugh ;) so we are having a little contest… We want your guesses on how much you think we spent at Starbucks last year. This is everything business related and includes all of our Starbucks meetings to client gifts to Starbucks drinks and breakfast sandwiches we have grabbed on our way to weddings – anything business related…. oh yeah, and don’t forget our Starbucks mugs we have been getting :)

Leave your guess in our comment form and the person who guesses the closest gets…..

(drumroll please)

yes, you guessed it, a $20 Starbucks gift card :) (ha ha… Add that amount to our 2011 tab!).

Happy Guessing!

The amount and winner will be announced next week in our Photography newsletter so make sure you’re signed up!