Friday Fun | True Confessions of a Starbucks-aholic

We like Starbucks.

Ok, we’re a bit addicted.


Have no real idea… but that’s besides the point…

Tax time has passed and so we have scoured our tax records and expenses and, thanks to Quickbooks, we can actually see how much we spent in 2010 at this coffee dig.

We thought we would bring you in on the fun (ugh ;) so we are having a little contest… We want your guesses on how much you think we spent at Starbucks last year. This is everything business related and includes all of our Starbucks meetings to client gifts to Starbucks drinks and breakfast sandwiches we have grabbed on our way to weddings – anything business related…. oh yeah, and don’t forget our Starbucks mugs we have been getting :)

Leave your guess in our comment form and the person who guesses the closest gets…..

(drumroll please)

yes, you guessed it, a $20 Starbucks gift card :) (ha ha… Add that amount to our 2011 tab!).

Happy Guessing!

The amount and winner will be announced next week in our Photography newsletter so make sure you’re signed up!

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  • Chris


    Why? Because that number sounded amazing.

  • Jamie Burbach

    $1525.00 :)

  • Cara Williams

    So, I’ll take what we spend and just add a bunch, cause you are starbucks-aholics… $630.46

  • P Thomas Lambert

    I spent last year over $1800 not include the card i get from my clients.
    My guess is $6000.00

  • Nate

    My guess is $2100.

  • JoAnna Johnson

    I say $3201.99, sounds like a good round number.

  • Jesse Pafundi

    Im going with $3,600.17

  • s.l.


  • Brent Deitrich

    1800 dollas!

  • MartaV

    That’s alot of yummy coffee! I don’t think it’s an addiction, you just appreciate a good thing. :)

  • Jackie

    I’ve actually been wondering how much I spend on it yearly.. but I don’t want to know bad enough to do my own math!! I guess.. $1451 :) I used to make custom cards for my clients with their online gift cards.. super fun!

  • jesse and nelli

    $2,876.98 why, because that’s how much we spent last year.

  • Jessi Cabanin

    $5,4321 =)

  • Mark

    $2469 – considering all the mugs you purchased…

  • Joyce

    $3,456 :)

  • Glenda

    LOL, this is a good one :)

  • Faith

    $5,613 ;)

  • Lindsi Rian

    $4683.37 Why… cause “2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate?!” And 3 is always a good random number ;)

  • Michael J Metts


  • Kristin

    I would imagine it’s a lot! :) I know the only time I talked with you was at a Starbuck’s at WPPI! :) I’m guessing $7200. . .

  • Nicole Ezzell

    $7515.10 :)

  • Amanda Donaho

    $4,976.00 :)

  • Emma Smith


  • Tira J

    Oh wow! This is scary! My guess is $4381

  • Mariea Rummel

    I am right there with you two! My guess is $5579

  • Melissa Johnson

    $5180.72 – this is why I used to work at sbux… my spending went wayyyyyyyy down =)

  • Sarah Carper

    I’m gonna guess $2800 and some change :)

  • Tonya

    My guess would be around $5,325.00 :o)

  • Nate Strubhar

    I would have to say somewhere around $4001.00

  • Derek


  • Sarina


  • Nicole

    i like the number 3, so i guess $3333.00

  • Jessi D


  • Alli Harden

    I will have to say $6,366.00

  • Yusuf

    My guess is about $4798

  • Lindsey

    Hmmmmm, this is hard! I keep trying to come up with a logical number but one that is still relatively large because it would have to be really large for you to post a contest about it right?! LOL

    So my official guess is…$5672.64

  • Britton Felber


  • Jared Bauman


  • Jared Bauman


  • Christine Pocratsky

    : )

  • Faith Bowyer


  • Jeane

    I dont think the rest of you are even close. Come on people! these are no amateur Starbuckʻs-ers!!! iʻm going out on a limb…$12,630 ;0)

  • Teresa K


  • Laura


  • shannon kelley

    I’m going with $3256

  • Shayna Ebert


  • Tyson B


  • CA


  • Kendra

    $3655.82 :)

  • Nicolette


  • Steph


  • Vanessa


  • michelle

    My guess is… $1011.03 {it sounded like a reasonable number and it’s our wedding date…so that means I win, right. :)

  • Chase+Jaime


  • Jackie

    $2126.40 Mmmm but it’s so good!

  • Andy Owen

    Somewhat methodical, somewhat random, my guess is: $2,672!

  • Megan Rieff


  • Mandy Henry

    My guess is $1,299.

  • elysia

    $14,678.93 of yummyness!

  • Heather Hilling

    $7301 :)

  • Sabrina

    My random shot in the dark… $2,762 and some change…

  • Daniel Cruz

    I would say, somewhere around $2835.00! :]

  • Vee

    I’m gonna guess 5,833.00$
    I didn’t look at everyone’s guesses so I hope I didn’t copy anyone:)

  • Christina


  • Cris


  • Andee

    OK I am thinking if you are really hooked…it is $9,797.97

  • Danielle Daigle

    I’m going with $3675.00

  • Katie Wright

    3ish times a week maybe? $1445.30

  • DSWfoto


  • Susan Nawyn

    Hmmm… $4211.82. Sortof calculated, and adding in a little extra for client meetings. :-)

  • keith gray

    I think you have spend about 1520.00 dollars at Starbucks.

  • Diana


  • mindy

    $9190.99 ;-)

  • Abby

    $4,427.25 :-)

  • http://ShannonWiegelPhotography Shannon M Wiegel


  • Terry


  • lacy


  • Tina Harden

    I think I’m low balling this but $2340. I think you should hit them up for advertising. LOL

  • Michelle Murchison

    I’m going to guess $1,742.78! I am hoping that this random amount just happens to me right on the money.

  • Jessie Carte

    3225? :)

  • Sarah

    I’m guessing $8,000

  • Rob

    I’m guessing around $2500. That’s a whole lotta coffee!!



    I have been following your advice on giving a starbucks gift card to the clients when they sign with my brand. My question is can that gift card of $10 be tax deductible and how do I categorize it; gift or advertising?

    Thank you!