Friday Fun | Waffle + Caramel = New Addiction

While overseas Zach and I gained a new food addiction….

Introducing the Stroopwafel!!

Aw man… you have no idea how good these are. Anouschka and Ray (our workshop hosts) said that every workshop they have attended of photogs in the states they have brought them theses sort of caramel cookies for them and they all have loved them. I (Jody) am not a big cookie fan so I wasn’t too sure if I would like them… but oh, was I wrong!! They are like two cookie wafers with caramel inbetween and they are SO good!

Ray kept us stocked during our visit and even sent us off with a package… Needless to say, they were gone before we even made it back to London to catch our flight home.

During our last day of workshops in Den Haag, we had an attendee Evert tell us that in a market in Amsterdam they actually make Stroopwafels!!!!!! We were SO excited about this and when we took our bike tour with David he took us to the market! Watch the little video and enjoy our stroopwafel experience…. Ahhhhhhhhh

Yay stroopwafel!

You guys don’t know what you’re missing. Next time, we’ll try and bring some back to the states with us… if they make it that long without being eaten =D

  • Kristine Neeley

    They have them here!! :) Whole Foods & World Market!

  • Anouschka

    Yep world market :) But! They don’t taste as good as the ones over here :))

  • Mary Marantz

    You are adorable. That is all. :)

  • Hayley Mse

    My hubbs is Dutch..his grandmother makes the smaller versions..we place them over a hot cup of coffee, let get all warm and gooey then enjoy!! yummo!!

    • Jody Gray

      @Hayley – Ooh my gosh! Sounds AWESOME!

  • Jessi D

    Oh. My. Word. They are quite delish aren’t they?!?!!

  • Chase

    Good news y’all- they sell them at J&J’s coffee shop near vandy in Nashville! It was a glorious day when I discovered that.

    • Jody Gray

      @Chase – NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suh-weet!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    yummmmmm…..mouth watering blog post! ;)

  • Digital Background Fan

    OOOH… these look so delicious! I think I had something similar when I visited Norway!!

  • Molly

    I love caramel. Definitely googling where or how to make them.

  • amy lashelle

    AH!! These are my favorite EVER! you just made me drool a little bit.

  • Allison Marie

    Yum yum yum! I spent a summer in Amsterdam – an incredible place with an amazing people and stoopwafels are the best!! =)