Friday Fun | What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

It’s official peeps!

We are building a home!

Because releasing our 3rd video workshop this fall (no worries, you’ll soon be hearing about our 2nd IN-CAMERA video workshop releasing soon!) and having our first kid isn’t enough (yes, we’re prego – if you missed the announcement, you can read about it here), we have bought property and will be building over the next few months.  Estimated completion date: end of November/December… oh my!

How it happened:

We knew our first home that we have been in for the last 3 years wasn’t our “forever home” and we had started compiling a list of “wants” for our next home.  Here and there, we had looked at homes for sale, and started realizing what we were looking for in the area we wanted, didn’t exist and figured some day we would probably build.  Then an opportunity presented itself – an acre lot only 3 miles away from us, only 10 lots in the whole community, still in the heart of Franklin where we love, good neighbors close by, and everything just fell into place!

We are building a home!  ahhhh…

So the  next steps:

1. List our current place and get it sold while the market is hopping

2. Find a place we can live in until our new home is done! ahhhh…..

I know, it’s crazy this is all happening now, but what can you do? :) We are excited and looking forward to all the changes ahead :)

For those of you who have built a home what are some great tips and advice that you can give us?

Bring it on!  :) :)