Friday Fun/Finds | Hoodie Pillow!

If you don’t watch Shark Tank, then you should. 1. Because it is really entertaining, and 2. Because you get to see how the big dawgs (multi-100 millionaires and billionaires) negotiate and think. People that have figured out how to make that kind of money know something we don’t (most things about business) and it is a great way to learn a small part of how they think.

So, we were watching the latest episode as we like to do, and saw something amazing! We travel a ton and were on the road 260 days last year alone. We flew over 60,000 miles in 2012 and let us tell you, you want some alone time after doing that! :) The biggest problem with traveling is listening to the same in-flight safety speech, sitting next to some dude who does not realize you need some time to sleep or relax, and the overly bright lights they flash on and off in your face. Problem solved! Introducing…..


The Travel Hoddie Pillow

This pillow gives you everything that rocks about a Hoodie, without the Hoodie!

For $16.95 you can bring this on any trip, blow it up and be in the zone! Talk about pure awesome cool factor! :) They also have the full-size Hoodie Pillow for home use that has an iPhone and headphone doc on the pillow so you can listen to your tunes as you drift off to sleep. Get one HERE!