Gender scan for baby #2 is today!!!

It’s time to find out the gender!  Yes, we have waited the “old fashioned” way to find out at the anomaly scan instead of the newer bloodwork tests that can tell you two months sooner.


But here’s the kicker: even though the scan is today we aren’t finding out the gender until TOMORROW (Friday)!

When I (Jody) originally made the appointment we were both in town, but then Zach got asked to do a gig in Texas, which is causing him to miss the appointment! If we rescheduled we would have to wait another MONTH, and that wasn’t going to happen. ha.

So, I’m bringing a girlfriend for moral support, and I’m not going to look when they are finding out the gender! (This will be my biggest test of restraint yet. ha ha).

When Zach gets home later Friday evening, we’ll find out together… and we may just be sharing it live with you all on Pericsope! Stay tuned to our Instagram accounts (@ZachGray, @JodyGray & @ItstheGrayFamily) and facebook (Zach & Jody Photography) for us to share further details.  If you want to watch, make sure you download the app and get it set up, and follow us at @ZachandJody.

In the meantime, what’s your guess?  BOY OR GIRL?