Giving Clean Water through Our Workshops | Plus One and YOU!

We have some exciting news! Over 240 children will be receiving clean water through our workshops so far! For those of you who may not be aware, we have partnered our business and workshops with Thirst Relief and founder Jim Davis Hicks!!

Thirst Relief was started by a photographer, Jim Davis Hicks, who simply has a passion to help those that need help the most. Those who don’t have something as simple as clean water. One of the biggest causes of disease and death in third world countries, especially among children, is water-born illness. Children in these countries drink unclean water, get sick, and their fragile bodies can’t fight it off. Jim Davis realized that he could do something about this problem by bringing in sand filters that are easy to maintain by the locals and easy to use, and thus was born Thirst Relief. Every filter can last for up to 25 years and can help a community live longer lives by having clean water to drink, and they have now helped thousands around the world fix this problem! How cool is that?!


As we have been out speaking and meeting so many amazing photographers around the country, we have been asking the question, “do you want your life to be about something bigger than yourself?” And we have heard a resounding YES; all of us do!! We want our lives to impact others and help others. Nothing in life is more fulfilling than when you take your resources and help those that can’t help themselves. That can be anything from an encouraging word, loving someone who is hard to love, helping someone get treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, or simply giving a cup of clean water to a dying child. So, we ask you again. Do you want your life to be about something bigger than yourself? It can be!


One way that we have decided to get involved is through a brand new initiative from Thirst Relief called PLUS ONE.

Here is how it works. We have opened up one extra seat in all of our workshops that are the PLUS ONE Seats. If we sell all 16 seats for the workshop, then that final 16th seat is donated directly to Thirst Relief! It takes exactly $5 to give one person clean water for 25 years, and every time we sell that PLUS ONE seat we give $600 directly to Thirst Relief which in turn can help 120 children get the clean water they need! So, no matter what seat you may buy to one of our workshops, you are getting us closer to the goal of helping someone else!


So, today we want to highlight and make a mention of two workshop attendees who have done just that! Tracy and Genesis have bought those final two seats for our IN-CAMERA: Light and IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshops here in Nashville and have helped us save lives and give $1,200 to an amazing cause!


Our first photographer we want to highlight is the amazing Tracy Condidorio from Little Boxes Photography!

She said this about purchasing the PLUS ONE Seat.

It’s funny, I knew I wanted to attend Zach and Jody’s IN-CAMERA Workshop from a post I read in the B-School… but I kept procrastinating on the purchase. From watching a few videos that they have put out, I knew that I definitely wanted to meet and learn from The Grays! So being the procrastinator that I am, I purchased the ticket when it was down to 1 ticket left… and wouldn’t you know it – my ticket was the PLUS ONE. I received an email from Zach and Jody and I actually did a little jump when I heard this was going to such a great cause (I love to believe in signs)!

Every time I watch the opening video on I get chills (and I’ve watched it a few times) as I want to be one of the photographers on the ground documenting what happens when people from around the world collaborate for a common goal. When you know that you can help one person have clean safe drinking water for $5 how can you not donate? I love that this organization came to fruition from photographers giving back, I love that this organization makes things simple – donate and our money goes towards providing clean, safe drinking water. It’s simple really… and I love that the Gray’s opened an additional seat (my seat) to donate to this organization – now a huge amount of people get clean drinking water and selfishly I get to learn from the Gray’s. I seriously cannot be happier!

Our second photographer who purchased the PLUS ONE seat is Genesis from Genesis Ann Photography.

Here is what Genesis had to say!

Since my interest in photography began I have been terrified of using anything other than natural light in my photographs.This fear has resulted in a lot of time spent in post-processing to try and achieve the lighting I was hoping for to begin with. I’m really looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something exciting and different so I can bring a new level of photography to my clients.

I am so happy that my seat at this workshop will provide clean water for so many people. Thirst Relief provides much needed hope and help and it is such an honor to be part of the hope they provide.


So, do you want to get involved? We have a few different ways to do it!

1. Check out Sevenly where you can grab a Thirst Relief T-Shirt for $24 and save a life! Hurry, as this is an auction that ends in just 3 days and they are trying to reach a goal!

2. You can go straight to Thirst Relief and donate as little as $5 and save a life! You can also become a partner with them and donate every year, month or every week. Give up one Starbucks a month to save someones life? Done!

3. Sign up for our workshops and help save a life! Every time we sell out a workshop and sell that PLUS ONE Seat, we give clean water to 120 people for 25 years! That is just simply amazing to us! Every seat we sell gets us closer to the goal!

4. We are planning something huge for those who really want to get involved on a whole other level! This is top secret as of now, but once we hammer out the details we may have a life-changing opportunity for a select few that want to make a difference like few ever do. Interested? Email us at and tell us you want more info when it becomes available. This is gonna be something mind-blowing and we are beyond excited about it!


Want to learn a little more about Thirst Relief? Watch this video:

Is there something that you have been involved with that you are passionate about? Let us know what it is and link it here!!