Our 7 year Anniversary!

Today is our SEVEN year anniversary. Holy cow, where does the time go? It seemed like just yesterday we were dating and then getting married…

(Fall of 2004)

Being married has been really fun, but man, it has been so stinkin’ hard too.

Sometimes I wish marriage could just be easy.  I ‘d be the perfect wife and Zach would be the perfect husband.  I’d have endless amounts of patience and I’d never say one cross word.  It could be a perfect marriage, just like we sometimes see in the movies.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Ah, but unfortunately, it’s not like that.  We have to put up with bad attitudes, things that irritate us from our spouse and yes, morning breath ;o)  But through it all, as we charge ahead and are reminded of the vows we made 7 years ago, we’re in this for the long haul.

Before we were married we were in this nearlywed/newlywed Sunday school class and someone shared how being married was like taking two rocks with rough edges, putting them in a bag and shaking the bag up… eventually two round and soft-edged stones come out.  Not a fun process, but a good one, right?  As times goes on and as we die to ourselves and serve and love our spouse unconditionally we become better people.  And that my friend, is what it’s all about.

Here’s to seven years with my partner, the rock in my life who chips away at the ugly and through it all still loves me.

Here’s to seven years of adventures together around the world -there’s no one else I’d rather share those journeys with.

Here’s to 6 of those seven years we we have not only been married but ran a business together! Whew!

And here’s to 7+ more years of laughter, a deeper love, and more unforgettable memories as we continue on this journey together that God has set before us.

Love you babe!

PS. For those of you out there who are married and work together like us, block off your calendars and start saving.  April 29th-May 2nd we are putting on a married couple’s retreat in the Atlanta, GA area.  Start saving and stay tuned for more information! (To ensure you hear about it as soon as details are released, email Jody@zachandjody.com with the title “Married Retreat” and we’ll make sure you’re on the list!).