Happy Halloween!!

Zach and I have been running around like crazy this week with client meetings, a meeting with an awesome coordinator who we cannot WAIT to work with and brag about, AND we also have been enjoying this cooler weather (a bit TOO cool for my taste right now…).

We have a group of couples from our married Sunday school class that we hang out with and last night some of us went to the Corn Maize in Spring Hill, TN. (Photo compliments of our point and shoot camera… where’s our 5D when we need it? :).

We had a fun time roaming around (with the guys trying to scare us) and then went to Frank & Gaby’s afterwords for hot chocolate and yummy cookies!

Tomorrow we have Alexis and Abdul’s wedding at CJ’s Off the Square

! Yaaaaaay! Alexis has put a lot of thought and planning into her day and we cannot wait to capture it and post photos of it!

Have a great Halloween everyone!!