House Update!

A lot of you guys have been praying for us for our house and tweeting & emailing your support for us, so we thought that we would give an official update of everything that has transpired in the last week!

Good News: As tweeted last week, we finally heard back from the seller’s bank the end of last week and we got verbal approval of the offer that we had put on the killer townhome we wanted to buy!

Bad News: The seller decided he didn’t want to go through with it once he learned that he was going to have to pay taxes on the difference.  *Sighs*

We decided we were done with the hassle of trying to make it work and wait for his realtor to try and convince the seller otherwise..

Good News: In the meantime an opportunity opened up to buy one of the townhomes just a block down that the builder has been trying to sell for the last two years.  We have decided to move on it and purchase that one!   It’s more than perfect (same floor plan & size though), we now won’t have to do any work on the home, and it’s brand new.  No stink from other people living in it :)  Funny thing is, we have had our eyes on this place for over 5 months now, and we are finally getting it.  We are set to close AND to move out Monday! Yay!  We are excited, and everything is good to go on Monday, we are just holding our breaths until it all actually comes to fruition.

Now we are in”go” mode and feel like we’re juggling a gazillion things at once right now, but we are sooooooooooo excited!

Now that we are moving into a brand new home (yay!) there are things that need to be bought, say blinds for all the windows!  So we have been making trips to Home Depot & Lowe’s checking out everything…. Last night we were at Lowe’s and couldn’t help but stop and take a photo with a shower design that we REALLY loved….  ;o)

Thanks you guys!!!  Stay tuned for the grand tour!!  To stay updated as we close, move in and all the other good stuff, be sure to follow us on Twitter!