How to succeed at work without blowing up your marriage… (Excerpt by Michael Hyatt)

For those of us who are married, probably one of the last reasons we wanted to start our business was so we could have a below average marriage. But, let’s be honest, running a business (whether with your spouse or not) can definitely take its toll.


We are big followers of Michael Hyatt, and in honor of us just coming off theCONNECT retreat (a Christian retreat for couples in business) we wanted to share with you part of a post he recently published…


How Entrepreneurs Can Succeed at Work Without Blowing Up Their Marriages

5 Gifts for Building a Great Relationship with Your Spouse

Excerpt from Michael

#1. The Gift of Honor

Our spouses are more important than our work, whatever that work may be. To give this gift, we esteem and value what our spouses esteem and value. We give priority to their priorities, and use our words to praise and uplift, especially when our spouses are absent.

#2. The Gift of Awareness

It’s easy in the hyper focus of hard-drivers to see themselves as the center of the show. We’re not—no matter how much money we make. We need to be aware of all the material and nonmaterial contributions our spouses make to our lives.

#3. The Gift of Inclusion

Including our spouses in our businesses creates intimacy, builds trust, and brings us together. Whether it’s just receiving input or counsel, or getting into the nitty-gritty details of the business, our marriages win if we keep our spouses in the loop.

#4. The Gift of Commitment

Given the risk inherent to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, some of the most important words we can hear are, “We’re in this together.” Communicating that kind of commitment can get a couple through almost anything.

#5. The Gift of Perspective

The intense focus of entrepreneurs enables massive creativity and achievement, but it can come at the cost of perspective. I can easily think that everything in my world rises or falls with the next project. Gail keeps the wide angle I sometimes lose.

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Have a great, productive week and don’t forget to spend time with the people you created this business to serve!