How to use an incentive to book more shoots


When we were shooting weddings, we had a 95% close rate when someone sat down to meet with us about their wedding day. This wasn’t luck and wasn’t because we are the best wedding photographers. It was because we know why people buy, and made sure to give people what they wanted. Today we want to teach you one of the tools we used so you can start to get the same results.


The Why of Buy 

People show up when there is a sale, people buy cars when the dealer throws in a set of tires, and when what you want might be gone tomorrow, people buy because of scarcity because no one wants to miss out.

We know that people buy when they see value, when there is scarcity, when they feel safe, and when they are incentivize.  So how can we use these facts to help give our clients what they want and help us close more deals? Simple, INCENTIVIZE! (Click here to Tweet this out!)

Nashville, tn engagement photography


When a client comes in and sits down with you to decide whether or not they are going to book you, there sometimes comes a moment right after you “close” (ask them if they are ready to book you), that they hesitate. This hesitation is what I call “riding the fence.” They didn’t say no to you, and they didn’t say yes. They are right on the fence and just need a little, soft push from you to fall on your side.

In these situations, we always have an Ace in our pocket (an incentive). We would use an engagement session as an incentive to push them over to our side of the fence and book. Here is how it might sound in a real client meeting.

Us: So, does booking us sound like what you are looking for?

Client: Man, we really love you guys but we are just not sure about it.

Us: What is your hesitation?

Client: Well, we really want to add an engagement session, but that will put us over the budget and we are not sure we can spend that much.

Us: Well, here is what we can do. We loved your story and you guys are the exact type of client that we want to build our business with. We would love to GIFT (not give) you guys a 30 minute engagement session (instead of our normal 1.5 hour one), as a wedding present from us to you for booking. How does that sound?

Client: Wow! You guys are very generous and this is exactly what we wanted and we would love to book you!

Us: Great! Here is the contract and we just need 50% down and we are all yours!


This is actually a scenario that happened to us many times over the years. Sometimes the client would not give us an answer right then, so we would create scarcity with the gift and let them know that we would hold the offer for 24 hours and as long as they called us no later than tomorrow, we would still offer the gift.

When thinking of what incentive to use, try to have it be something that takes a small amount of resources, but gives huge value.

This style of offering more for more (instead of removing value from us by giving a discount) helped us have a 95% close rate. Find a good incentive that you can always have in your back pocket that you pull out any time a client is hesitating on closing the deal. Use it and see the results for yourself!