How we became better photographers



“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, INVOLVE me and I will learn,”

-Benjamin Franklin

There is great value in being able to hop online, head to a blog, listen to a podcast, watch a video on Youtube and get some really great information on how to do things better. We have valued that for our own education and know that many thousands of you that read this blog each week have valued that from us.

But is that enough?

Back in 2006 when I (Zach) first picked up a camera and starting learning to shoot, I went to the library, went online and devoured any piece of information I could get about shooting great, natural light images. Then I would go out and practice. It seemed that it was hard to take what I had read or seen online and quickly translate that into real-world experience. It was hard. Do you know that feeling? The feeling of wanting to produce something wonderful, and falling short? I know I do.

An image-changing Friendship

That same year, a photographer named Evan Baines emailed me and said he wanted to connect and support me in my journey to becoming a better photographer. We went on shoots together, critiqued each-others work, and he really was the biggest mentor in my shooting that I have had to date. Our very first photography workshop we ever did was a joint workshop with his studio! The lessons that I learned by working and shooting side-by-side with a talented photographer that I respect has paid dividends for years.

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So here is our question to YOU, the photographer reading this post. Who is your mentor that you actually spend time shooting with? If you want to become a better photographer and advance your shooting as fast as possible, then you need to work with someone that you look up to. It can be a great shooter in town that you email and ask to tag along with, it can happen with second shooting gigs, and it can happen by attending well-reviewed workshops with a photographer that really cares about you becoming a better shooter.



$12,500 Worth of Pictures 

One of the biggest lessons we learned early on in our natural light shooting, was to look for, and understand, what great natural light looked like, and then shoot in it. Understanding the subtle difference between soft-light and directional soft-light allowed us to capture some stunning images at weddings that our clients fell in love with.

The couple above, Mark and Kelsey, came to our home studio after the wedding to see their images, and were so excited at what they saw, that they spent a total of $12,500 on their wedding pictures. That wedding was also shot so well, that Photo-Vision did their first 5 part series on it and exposed us to 35,000 photographers around the world. That is what beautiful, story-telling images and a great experience can do for your photography!

0004 (2)

We love natural light, we love shooting in it, and we love finding it and controlling it. We also love teaching other photographers how to use it and use it well so that they can blow their clients away with its stunning power.



IN-CAMERA Workshops

Tomorrow, we are revealing the dates for our extremely limited re-launch of our revamped IN-CAMERA Workshops. If you want to come and shoot alongside us and spend a 10 hour image-changing day working with us on your imagery, then you are going to want to be back here tomorrow!


More info to come.


Do you have an idea for becoming a better photographer? Share your ideas with us in the comments below so we can see how you are making your images better!


PS. Did you enjoy this post and are excited about becoming a better shooter?



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